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Work goes firewood of subbranch of a bank of 10 thousand banks proposes a toast
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This year, subbranch of a bank of 10 thousand banks combines labour travel Langfang oneself is actual, deepen income allocation system to reform, compose builds a normative and effective firewood to propose a toast incentive mechanism, the play in making performance allocation is running a course gives the biggest efficiency, aroused staff job enthusiasm effectively, promoted each business development. Before 5 months, this implementation runs profit margin many yuan 1200, those who achieve the Construction Bank 10 years to come is new tall.

One, allocate clearly oriented, execute " 3 tilt " policy. Should allocate in performance income all right on, hold to to add those who receive the main body that achieve effect to tilt to allocate principle and oriented, increase what accept the section office that achieve effect to be being added directly to allocate proportion. It is tilt to a gleam of. The working index employee of a gleam of brings into performance assessment entirely, spend by contribution do less greatly allocate a basis, more pay for more work. 2 it is to the job the key tilts. Raise the key business such as deposit business, loan business and intermediate business income to examine promotive strength, raise promotive level, encourage employee to grab key job. 3 be highlight to outstanding achievement tilt. Spend the section office with big, outstanding outstanding achievement and employee individual to contribution, from performance salary adjustment part is rewarded separately. In addition, this still will draw one share from inside performance pay, create special award fund, use at rewarding note sale, amateur to pull store, contend for take the respect award such as loan resource, aroused initiative of staff of a gleam of and working passion adequately.

2, standard allocation program, make public transparent assessment. Should go before performance job allocates, above all according to assessment index, spend to departmental room and the contribution of business site undertake an analysis, according to every branch administrative or technical offices (site) circumstance of management outstanding achievement undertakes allocation. Thereafter, again by sectional administrative or technical offices (site) undertake 2 times allocation according to circumstance of individual outstanding achievement. After allocating the job to finish, will allocate a circumstance to undertake paste fair show. Whole allocation the process is open and transparent, be clear at a glance.

3, dissolve contradiction actively, remove employee thought obstacle. After this new performance assesses method to execute, between a gleam of and second line, between ministry room and ministry room and with ministry room the income scale between different post pulled open difference gradually, the partial employee allocation to subbranch of a bank idea generated resentment, working enthusiasm got affect. To this, this lead is active with employee have an informal discussion, listen to employee to allocate the opinion of method and proposal to performance, the analysis produces the account of income gap, eliminated the inimical mentality of employee, aroused working enthusiasm.
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