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Equity drive new rule " golden darby " change as " golden necklace " ?
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Can appear on the market in afterwards card inspect after company equity drive allots two memorandum, a few days ago, national endowment appoint brew long already " about the standard state-owned accuse appear on the market the additional announcement that the company carries out equity drive to concern an issue " (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) also appear eventually.

Compare with the formulary photograph before this, " additional announcement " deep to occupying Shanghai two city appear on the market the state-owend enterprise of above of company number 2/3, the doorsill of equity drive rises further, and of equity drive accrual " the ceiling " also rise somewhat.

Analytic personage points out, this one new rule is incentive to equity problem of medium sex of a few operations is refined somewhat, make the regulation can be carried out better. Did not come or will have more and more other appear on the market the company carries out equity drive accordingly.

   Upper limit of earnings of delimit of drive of state-owend enterprise equity

Basis " additional announcement " , perfect company legal person administers a structure to become the precondition of executive equity drive. " additional announcement " the requirement appears on the market state-owend enterprise " after the requirement that achieves outside director to occupy committee of fulfil of above of directorate member half, firewood to be comprised by outside director entirely, still should decrease state-owned personnel of etc of personnel of the controller that controls a partner, tall canal is held the position of appear on the market the amount of company director, increase to control a partner by the company beyond personnel holds a post the amount of trustee " .

In the meantime, " additional announcement " to appearing on the market the outstanding achievement of the state-owend enterprise assesses index to make new regulation, make clear sex of the look up before the set of outstanding achievement index should be had and challenge sex. Among them, the outstanding achievement when awarding incentive object equity " do not reach industry of person of the same trade under level of nearly 3 years of company average outstanding achievement average outstanding achievement (or to prize enterprise 50 minutes a value) level " , the outstanding achievement when right of incentive object exercise must not travel together under the company line of business is average outstanding achievement (or to prize enterprise 75 minutes a value) level, become the two rigid target of equity drive.

This one new rule still increased incentive accrual to hold the highest proportion that stock period counterpoises moderately. Among them, be expert at inside authority period of efficacy, accrual of drive of incentive object equity is occupied this period stock period counterpoises (or stock rise in value counterpoises) total level of fulfil of the firewood when awarding (contain equity drive profit) highest proportion, churchyard appears on the market the H outside company and condition company in principle must not exceed 40% , outside the condition red prepare company in principle to must not exceed 50% . Equity drive is actual accrual exceeds afore-mentioned proportion, an usance authority that has not counterpoise all right (or stock rise in value counterpoises) no longer exercise.
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