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Ying Shen of drive of state-owned company equity uses period power
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Design and superintend what the country should put main energy in what plan to be in charge of firewood high to propose a toast to form a mechanism about the branch on, the target is to should be achieved independent, just, transparent and effective, the absolute level that is not pair of firewood fulfil makes exceeding limitation

State-owned appear on the market the idea that the enterprise also wants to make equity drive appears wide already to accept, but the level that the standard that equity drive adopts what form, assessment after all is what, incentive pay should have the problem such as what limitation to still have very big controversy. The closest country endowment appoint the file that can wait for superintendency branch publish drive of compasses canal equity with card inspect, and still can continue publish new document, this also was mirrorred appear on the market the company has existed in equity drive respect and the problem that appears possibly in the future.

Illicit is normally manual operated civilian battalion appears on the market the tall canal of the enterprise also is large stockholder, not was necessary to give them equity drive. Whether does the drive of administrator of partner of Central Africa of civilian look forward to depend on with equity drive the job of the value of company stock and this administrator is spent related expression have many tall. And the enterprise that departs in right of administration and droit photograph, especially state-owned company, high-level administrator needs to give particularly incentive. Is real difficult problem how incentive? What the design of incentive pay system should avoid most is the circumstance that light has pay and does not have drive. Incentive pay can be the cash award that is based on certain assessment index, also can be equity drive. Equity drive says roughly to have two kinds, namely drive of stock period authority and have drive of limitative stock unit, both and OK with link up with of index of a few performance, also need not link up with. Be in not below the circumstance of link up with, the value that can think performance index is a stock (or the price) itself, other equity drive forms are their mutation, if reflect the index of relative performance,change period authority drive.

Be in China, equity drive still is the strange thing that firm inchoate, popular Ju Min feels, the market economy country that although develop in the west,a lot of people may not realize the way of equity drive basically also is the thing that goes ten years. An article that according to American economist Huo Er and Chinese ink are not, divide the United States beyond, there is 10% to come from equity drive below only in the other area industry is in charge of high firewood fulfil on the world 10 years ago. What equity drive uses the most generally is the United States, general interest begins 20 years ago, to 2000, the presiding apparitor of the company in 500 indexes of standard general Er (CEO) the firewood fulfil of 2/3 comes from at equity drive, among them what great majority uses is drive of stock period authority. Because use period authority drive in great quantities, the median of these CEO year income already exceeded 8 million dollar. Of the average salary fulfil of American CEO and the average salary reward that produce worker of a gleam of than be close to 300 times. The controlled 2002 number that according to breathing out Buddha business school a case cites, be in England this scale is 26, france is 16, germany is 11, japan is 10. (nevertheless according to England " financial times " a recent report, the firewood fulfil that Germany is in charge of high already achieved the 40 times above that employee firewood proposes a toast. ) can see, the United States uses equity drive in great quantities is an exception, is not normal.
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