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How does enterprise of science and technology realize equity drive
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China appears on the market the surging forward with great momentum of equity drive it may be said of the company, card inspect can promulgate 2005 " appear on the market company equity drive runs way " just began formally to carry out 2006 actually, there were nearly 50 companies to roll out equity drive plan in those days in what carry out formally. Appear on the market the equity drive of the company attracts eyeball really, but the equity drive of a few science and technology enterprise also causes each to just be looked attentively at increasingly, because do poineering work board be about to appear formally, a batch of science and technology that are favorred by venture capital investment enterprise suffers fully fix eyes upon

According to the country relevant policy, place of scientific research courtyard turns make for science and technology medium and small businesses, primary assignment system spends the high speed that gets used to an enterprise no longer to develop, to solve company stability and the problem that can develop continuously, avoid short-term action, in implementation long-term drive, stimulate the enthusiasm of pivotal personnel and creativity, this accords with the tendency that modern company grows. The enterprise begins to use the firewood reward system that be changed dispersedly and mixes a gender, also be employee so the possibility that period power system had the stock of extended duty to use.

We can ponder over a case first:

Some enterprise is place of courtyard of original scientific research transforms the company that control, basically be engaged in water and electricity, Electromechanical the job such as Wu of kimono of research of new technology, new technology, new product, development, production, already had batch to produce the comprehensive strength of the much series product that owns own intellectual property now, product sale rises substantially for years continuously, partial product still sells as far as to abroad, have the characteristic of the science and technology in growing medium and small businesses.

In recent years the company grows at full speed, operation and market share increase ceaselessly, and the development that the assignment system of original institution system spends incommensurate already company. Break through traditional assignment system to spend in the decision at the beginning of 2005 so, build firewood of a float to propose a toast assignment system is spent, namely worker pay is equal to fundamental firewood fulfil to add float firewood fulfil. Fundamental firewood fulfil withheld original institution salary to form, economic benefits of float firewood respond with a poem is close together link up with, basis in those days the amount that business accounting of the increase rate of forehead of assignable profit, contract, sales revenue increase rate gives float firewood to propose a toast and accumulated scale, amount. This kind of assignment system spends the enthusiasm that moved a worker greatly, make worker individual income grows along with the growth of economic benefits, accumulate along with the growth of income growth, give attention to two or morethings the interest of country, collective, individual. The working enthusiasm that moved a worker greatly was spent as a result of new assignment system 2005, economic benefits obtains delectable result, forehead of the contract that finish and implementation profit are more than anticipated end far, increase rate is controlled in 50 % , the worker's income also grew subsequently many. This kind of assignment system spends those who got used to an enterprise to show level to develop a condition, to promoting a business development had very big effect.
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