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Subsidiary evaluates element model 3 footwork
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As the development of market economy, collectivize enterprise of China often sortie many industries, many domains, if why unite administrative premise to fall in the group, the firewood fulfil level that determines different subsidiary general manager becomes advisory company to design a of firewood reward system new task, and should solve this problem reasonably, the author thinks to want to be in to subsidiary above all the value of group interior undertakes evaluating relative to the position, like undertaking with respect to in-house to the company like us different post value is evaluated, also should build to the different subsidiary of group company evaluate a model, undertake to each subsidiary according to same standard value is evaluated, affirmatory subsidiary is in the grade of group interior, determine the firewood fulfil level with different corresponding general manager then.

The incentive plan that the author once devised subsidiary to be in charge of high for company of a collectivize, the problem that the salary that this plan needs to solve general manager of subsidiary of disparate industry, different property mainly proposes a toast how the level decides. Because headquarters of this group company has done not have entity, become real administrative company (the asset to the group, cast the respect such as financing to undertake administrative) , group headquarters does not have immediate income source, because this measures subsidiary,a very main to the value of group company factor is the subsidiary contribution to group company -- namely subsidiary can the gain that turn over to the higher authorities gives a group the company. Next, the asset dimensions of subsidiary, the influence rate that subsidiary affects degree to include to wait for a respect to group brand, strategy to the organization of group company, and the element such as the management difficulty of subsidiary evaluates element with respect to what make evaluation subsidiary value. Evaluate a model to let a client understand subsidiary better, in letting a client participate in advisory project at the same time, go, project group used subsidiary to evaluate a model 3 footwork. The first pace, decide the evaluation element of subsidiary. Project group designed subsidiary to evaluate element questionnaire, content is as follows roughly: "To evaluate subsidiary truely, objectively, affirmatory subsidiary is in the relative position of group interior, we ask you from inside undermentioned element according to importance by arrive high small order, choose 8 - 10 elements... " , in enumerate of group of the project in questionnaire sales revenue, cost, profit, establish number of industry of time, sortie, employee, the 18 elements name such as decision-making to company strategy influence, specific like the watch 1 shows:

Express 1: Subsidiary always evaluates an element to express
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