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National endowment appoint: State-owned accuse appear on the market drive up of
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Actual profit exceeds drive of sex of the look up before outstanding achievement objective setting should be provided and challenge sex, equity to must not go partly authority, build a society to supervise evaluate working mechanism with the expert

The reporter learns yesterday, can appear on the market in card inspect after company equity drive allots two memorandum, country of the State Council endowment appoint also hit out heavy fist, from severe superintendency part state-owned too wide, outstanding achievement checks the executive qualification that dominates an existence in appearing on the market to the company is designed in equity drive plan and run a course actually lax, anticipate the problem such as income out of control.

A few days ago, national endowment appoint enterprise allocation bureau was drafted " about state-owned accuse appear on the market the additional announcement that company standard carries out equity drive to concern an issue " (ask for opinion draft) , and on July 10 forward social all circles seeks an opinion.

National endowment appoint enterprise allocation bureau expresses, this asks for an opinion to stalk of grain is according to careful, draft from severe principle, considered to bring into play already appear on the market the company is in charge of enthusiasm high, considered the scientific and normative sex that equity drive carries out again, aim to strengthen right state-owned accuse appear on the market company equity drive plans supervise, make state-owned accuse appear on the market pilot standard carries out company equity drive in order.

According to additional announcement, appear on the market company executive equity is incentive, sex of the look up before the set of outstanding achievement target should be had and challenge sex, the level of outstanding achievement target when awarding incentive object equity does not reach industry of person of the same trade under level of nearly 3 years of company average outstanding achievement level of average outstanding achievement. The level of outstanding achievement target when right of incentive object exercise wants to rise somewhat on the foundation of level of the outstanding achievement when awarding.

In the light of anticipate problem of income out of control, complement notices a provision, to on the high side of price of the stock inside travel authority period of efficacy, the profit of actual travel power that causes stock period advantageous position exceeds those who plan check and ratify to expect earnings level appear on the market company, want to have reasonable adjusting control to actual profit level. Actual profit exceeds equity drive of corresponding proportion (churchyard appears on the market the highest proportion of total level of fulfil of the firewood when accrual of drive of equity of company incentive target occupies stock period authority to award is 40%) , an usance authority that has not counterpoise all right no longer exercise. Incentive to restricted stock, complement notices a provision, the growth range that expects earnings does not get the growth range of index of prep above outstanding achievement.
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