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Answer to strengthen equity drive to superintend from system proceed with
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Although draft of this compensatory opinion is right state-owned accuse appear on the market accrual of company equity drive made strict provision, but institute of government of university of science and technology of Beijing of expert of state-owned asset research teachs Liu Cheng to think, whether obtaining effect key is to should look how to will be carried out henceforth carry out, current and state-owned accuse appear on the market the question with the biggest presence in the equity drive of the company is a board of directors especially the increase that outside director can not represent shareholder truly, outside in real operation director can be mixed tall canal passes all sorts of method avoid together the limitation of afore-mentioned conditions.

The reporter notices, the opinion stalks of grain piece put forward clearly " appear on the market the company is after the requirement that achieves outside director to occupy committee of fulfil of above of directorate member half, firewood to be comprised by outside director entirely, still should decrease state-owned personnel of etc of personnel of the controller that controls a partner, tall canal is held the position of appear on the market the amount of company director, increase to control a partner by the company beyond personnel holds a post the amount of trustee " , emphasized particularly " of social community supervise, the evaluation opinion of opinion of appraise sth through discussion and expert, will superintend the important basis that drive of equity of orgnaization examine and verify plans as state-owned asset. Will superintend the important basis that drive of equity of orgnaization examine and verify plans as state-owned asset..

"According to normal procedure, for example civilian battalion company, plan of drive of tall canal equity is decide by the board of directors, but state-owned accuse appear on the market the equity drive plan that the company makes still needs national endowment finally appoint examine and approve, but national endowment appoint examination basis is specific what be, it be superintended by who is not clear to be superintended by who " , liu Cheng thinks from go up at all superintend state-owned asset to should go up from system proceed with, build state-owned asset to supervise square, operation to just be mixed entrust square a few are made each other judge will strengthen the superintendency to state-owned asset.

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