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8 drive that manpower resource actual combat manages
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Drive is activate is satisfied (employee) the condition of all sorts of need, arouse (employee) the runs calm behavior course of the end of generation implementation organization that motive makes. It is administrative key to the person's drive, offer 8 drive that manpower resource manages to describe below.

1, affection is incentive

Controller and employee are the pure person that command promulgator and command are carried out no longer. Controller and employee had what command an accident except the job is other communicate, this kind communicates the communication on main affection, for instance controller can know stuff a few true opinion to the job, or employee is mixed on the life individual developmental a few other demand. Still do not have the problem in working and controller to undertake in this phase employee decision-making communicate, but it is decision-making communicate laid a foundation. Good cooperative mind is the purpose of affection drive.

2, active drive

Arouse immanent latent capacity of the person namely, make the person feels " fatigue has earning, result to be obtained somewhat " , increase the sense of responsibility that works hard self-consciously thereby. Accordingly, whether build, perfect and incentive mechanism, whether effectively drive each employee, the development that matters to an enterprise directly. The effective and incentive approach that manpower resource controller takes has:

3, the target is incentive

Provide practical struggling cause, can have encouragement and incentive effect, alleged target is incentive, combine big, medium, Xiaohe's far, medium, close goal namely rise, make the person acts his to be contacted with these targets all the time in the job. Target drive includes to set target, executive target and examination target.

4, award is incentive

This is a kind of common method. Award wants material and mental appearance tie. Means should innovate ceaselessly, novel stimulation and the effect with stimulative change are bigger, those who repeat for many times is exciting, action can drop, stimulation also can decrease.

5, support is incentive

Draft resolution system supports drive to regard resource of a manpower as controller namely, want to be good at supporting the creativity proposal of employee, come out the mining of intelligence an wisdom of employee contain. Supportive drive includes: Respect initiative of inferior moral quality, dignity, cherish inferior enthusiasm and creativity; Accredit is inferior, let go it is difficult to let inferior platoon care solve, add inferior safe feeling and trustful touch; When the job encounters accident, assume the responsibility that oneself should assume, create certain condition, make inferior can be competent the job.
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