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Appear on the market financial company must not make equity drive
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The reporter learned from some commercial bank a few days ago, the Ministry of finance allotted 65 article before long afore -- " about clearing state-owned accuse appear on the market drive of financial company equity informs about the problem " (abbreviation informs) , this civilization points out truly, state-owned accuse appear on the market financial company does not get do sth without authorization to make equity drive, be established to preparation and having doinging the business of equity drive, after wanting to suspend waiting for new policy to make clear, decide again.

State-owned banking company appears on the market company equity is in ambiguous region all the time since incentive management is long-term, the Ministry of finance should clear already also circulated about the message in drive of equity of state-owned banking company very long. There ever will be media coverage this year in March, the Ministry of finance makes stop a Chinese birthday and hand in 3 H such as travel plan of right of stock rise in value. Nevertheless bank group public figure thinks, afore-mentioned returning is a case only, and this " announcement " the more comprehensive policy that is all banking company that involves in the light of place.

" announcement " , before two years fire of wind wind fire does the financial company of equity drive to will encounter slam the brakes on in the round, include to hand in danger of money of travel, Chinese birthday, China to already suspended its inside H equity is incentive, and the city commercial firm that a few preparation appear on the market also puts delay to appear on the market accordingly process. And so far, the Ministry of finance still was not coming on stage in the new policy of research. (according to " Shanghai negotiable securities signs up for " )

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