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How to arouse the working passion that produces employee of a gleam of
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The development of the enterprise should build the development in the person over the foundation, because the person is,make the primest factor of the enterprise. The boss everything that serves as medium and small businesses wants to be caught personally, want the long-term progress of program business already, should care an enterprise again but before the problem that faces. How to make existing personnel produces the greatest power, the key is to see a boss how had handled the relation with employee, the job that how arouses employee is enthusiastic, the investment that makes personnel active and active goes in the job.

Give employee clinking respect

The worker of come off sentry duty that why has some of place auxes would rather the allowance that stays in the home to get hundreds of yuan also is not willing to go out to work. Investigate does its reason give employee namely most the esteem of at least?

In a few special industries the reason as a result of working property, the dress that working environment causes a few employee badly quite looks dirty. The colleague of the company is led even saw they are hiding to go, also have bias to them socially, this causes them to lose enthusiasm to the job. If the boss of the enterprise goes,say the word of on a few cares at this moment, such employee can be touched very much, arouse their enthusiasm to the job thereby. Want to let employee work in esteem, make employee maintains expensive work morale, provide the service of overflow for the enterprise. Esteem brings morale, morale brings outstanding achievement.

Employer of a few industries does not respect employee, , in management rely heavily on sb's service is blamed, the method such as penalty, discharge. Such employee can regard the job as only fend, won't do a wonderful work. Do not think because employee is afraid of you and work hard, can cause employee to lose enthusiasm to the job only so. If respect them, they work haughtily, do very well.

Had made the drive to employee

In numerous business management, no matter be corporeal drive or mental drive, what can get ideal result is not much, the reason is very simple because,be, fair, just, open principle is lacked in carrying out incentive process, this is a platitude it seems that and if showing past the appointed time slightly, because it is such common so that not by a few business management person be taken seriously. In fact because often hear ability,just is by oversight him a lot of detail, especially oversight the action since the place in the project that it implements in drive. What also may a few undesirable ethoses cause this, but the boss of an enterprise, the service with the working better enthusiasm that wants to arouse employee develops at the enterprise, must have held this one principle.

Want to use very incentive method namely next, it is OK to have the scholar offers drive not stick to one pattern, this says the diversity of incentive method. There is because of the person, property because of the job other in incentive executive process, the duty factor that is engaged in as a result of them to producing the employee of a gleam of is simpler, salary standard is relatively inferior, adopt corporeal drive to often can achieve idealer result, be in for instance life respect: 1, optimize living environment;2, rich live at ordinary times, install a few activities, be like ping-pong, badminton. Producing a field: 1, establish / the month is outstanding employee, manufacturing hotshot, award is fair show;2, begin group or the manufacturing contest between the individual. 3, carry out human nature to turn management, it is with the person this, let employee have it is flourish with the enterprise, form enterprise cohesive affinity and group resultant force, arouse the passion that faculty is willing to work actively for the enterprise. 4, carry out incentive mechanism, award is punished frequently lazy, heavy award works active, ability the staff with outstanding, large contribution, fan out from point to area, drive faculty to work hard actively. 5, the competitive mechanism that establishs fairness, the enterprise leads set oneself an example to others, form in the enterprise can person on, below the weak, extensive conduct propaganda " the job does not try hard today, will apply for a job hard tomorrow " thought, make employee work hard.
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