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Setback drive can have the effect of openly drive likewise
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Behavior science thinks, the setback is to point to when individual when undertaking purposeful activity, block up or interference are encountered in the environment, cause its motive to cannot acquire the mood position when satisfying.

Tell drive to cannot leave a setback, otherwise drive is half-baked. Occasionally, the drive of the opposite often can achieve the result with openly unthinkable drive, say so, setback drive also is indispensable. Setback drive, make employee suffers certain setback namely, achieve the purpose of openly drive and result thereby.

When when a certain person effort satisfies his need and the job suffers a setback however, he may take two kinds of attitudes: One kind is the manner that suits actively, another kind is the manner of inactive defense.

After encountering a setback, sober ground analyses a reason, appropriately need of change, changeover, adjust behavior, this is a kind of positive attitude; Encounter the limitation that actual condition admits after the setback, admit the inadequacy of own ability, reduce the need with down to original take out thereby, this also is a kind of positive attitude; Encounter a setback, not brokenhearted not despondent, determination pursues original goal with firmer volition, more courageous and resolute behavior, satisfy original need, it is a kind of positive attitude likewise.

The leader has the objective of setback drive, want subordinate to encounter defeat hind to be faced with positive attitude namely, check ego, perfect ego, the defensive mechanism of the person that use be thwarted, hurried " of its " sublimate.

Often turn to other objective, other target when people encounters a setback, if this replaces an object to belong to taller state, call this one process " sublimate " . Sublimate is defensive mechanism in the richest a constructive kind. We know, sima Qianyin suffers corrupt punishment and make a determined effort writing, draw up monumental work of through the ages " history write down " ; Qu Yuan by banish, draw up " from coquettish " ; Left grave blindness, just have " mandarin " be born, etc. Making a determined effort is a kind of sublimate, attribute the positive attitude after the setback is incentive.

To make subordinate can obtain the result that expects beforehand, do not establish highbrow very supreme the high end that cannot climb, high index. Want to undertake grooming to subordinate, increase the capacity that they work, help them achieve a goal. Want to think more to difficulty may be being encountered in the job, seek the means that overcomes difficulty as far as possible. The hope that offers to subordinate does not want too tall, the real income that should accomplish subordinate as far as possible not the average expectation under everybody. Drive is the most essential is just. If just, although subordinate earning is worth under expectation,they also can tolerate. A sensitive leader, the insecurity that should become aware in time to be brought to subordinate to the setback and fretted, discover their each little change on thought and behavior.
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