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5 kinds of means that industry drive employee cannot use
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One, drive cannot use athletic means

The way that a lot of people like to use campaign comes incentive. Form blast, had blown calculated. A lively about, voidance of in a twinkle. No matter what courtesy motion, clean motion, and writer motion, opinion proposal motion, character improves motion, it is a form. And the thing of formalization, to the Chinese, least effectiveness.

The Chinese pays attention to essence, go in common position only incentive, make everybody forms a habit, ability colourful is an ethos, and maintain go down. Always move, most somebody is advocated. This person pays close attention, everybody must be answered ardently; This person attention is transferred, motion will overblown. Motion cannot be abiding, time-tested.

2, drive cannot establish precedent arbitrarily

Incentive admittedly cannot by rule, however should expedient meet an emergency, in an attempt to makes appropriate. However, incentive most be afraid that random establishs precedent, door of alleged be apt to opens hard, after be afraid everybody follow-up, bring about have no way out, that with respect to regret having done sth.

The director has daring and resolution to express his, without cogitative, assent with respect to generously. The word speaks a mouth, hinder again at feelings, think inconvenience breaks his promise at the person, know perfectly well accordingly something wrong, also meet over shoes over boots, consequently casting becomes bigger mistake.

Boldness is not the bullshit that believe a mouth, having daring and resolution is to since decide,point to, be about to hold to after all. Before deciding so, must careful Siming differentiate, just won't do oneself cannot leave a stage. The director likes aleatoric create a precedent, affiliated to a ministry can make a few cases, let be in charge of imperceptible decline to enter decoy. The glibly in excitement agrees, compunction of after the event unceasingly.

Anybody cannot establish precedent with random, this is to foster a system to turn an idea, establish is abide by the law the first pace of spirit. Beg beg newly change, should abide by legal process.

3, drive cannot take the chance do sth on a large scale

Good take a few money not easily to come out incentive, be about to be done livelily, make everybody all-knowing, beautiful Qian Cai has price, the psychology of this kind of do sth on a large scale, often cause drive combat the effect.

The object of do sth on a large scale be regardinged as, have the feeling that acts a monkey to let a person play admittedly. Watch the audience that makes fun of a monkey, business begins join in the fun, have grouchy so artificial. One part person by drive, another part person is just the opposite to what one wished. To whole organization character, half of gain and loss.
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