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Innovation manages mode, activation court team manages

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Beijing court system includes Beijing High Court, one, 2 quadrangle, the member that court of eighteen area county shares a person 5960 people. Construction experienced informatization of forensic system team to found, development, integrated a few phase, drew the experience of each phase and lesson, since 2005, with Beijing limited company of software of grand scene century built friendly collaboration to concern, enable management information system of human affairs of grand scene century, use centralized management pattern, formed with city library of information of department of tall courtyard politics is a center, it is with terminal of information of various court occurrences in human life rely on, it is a method with modern computer and communication technology, enclothe whole town court of justice various the system of network of human affairs information of politics labor department. From go up at all the efficiency that promoted a court army government and level, obtained a few result, do with everybody here share simply.

One, tamp foundation, build data platform

Beijing is advanced the database that people court began to develop system of human affairs information inside limits of system of whole town court 2005 builds the job, the requirement that concerns a section according to superior and the real need that the court works build the team of complete, full and accurate to manage a database, ask various court person specially assigned for a task is safeguarded, those who realize staff information is seasonable newer, realized the application of function of analysis of inquiry, statistic, of all kinds forms for reporting statistics truly. Court of each basic level should have maintained data only, the member that leaders of all levels can master newest person quickly is fluctuant circumstance.

Promote to a high office in the cadre especially in commending the work with mothball cadre, the powerful effect propping up of the database got examining, the material when leading Party group is decision-making is intuitionistic, every draft the individual of rising personnel and candidate basic message, photograph, recommend so that show material of hostage situation, assessment before member of leading Party group, for the leader decision-making provided intuitionistic, true basis.

2, comply with reform, the salary that finish is covered change

As new official of the law carry out, national office institution greeted extensive pay system reform, still be reformed at the same time and perfected assignment system of income of institution staff member to spend, reasonable adjusted mechanism institution to leave retiree pay, perfected system of office worker pay to wait. The human affairs management that these reform lead national office the institution entered new phase, also caused new issue at the same time.

Salary reform involves Beijing high standard crew, but because reform policy is intricate, time is pressing, the salary below all sorts of special situations is covered change a requirement numerous, be like " nearby is tall " , " cover one stage high " etc, the salary that gives Beijing tall way is covered changed the job to bring the difficulty that comparative. If rely on handiwork to cover merely,change, need consults many standard watch and file regulation, everybody should hold a post to be calculated repeatedly and be compared of class and predecessor post class through showing, take time is arduous, efficiency is low, appear extremely easily deviation and error. To this, benefit of Beijing high standard finished salary smoothly to cover with management information system of grand scene human affairs change the job.

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