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Grand scene century aids management of resource of manpower of designing institu

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Dispatch of manpower resource net Recently, the designing institute of Chinese electron project that designs one of units as the 10 backbones reconnaissance of central management and grand scene century sign cooperative agreement, adopt management information system of resource of manpower of grand scene century, build normative informatization management platform, improve level of management further.

Designing institute of Chinese electron project (CEEDI) it is enterprise of a large omnibus project (group company) , it is alliance of Association for Contamination Control of unit of member of China of federation of international advisory engineer, international governor state member unit, the project that has national attestation seeks advice, the first class aptitude such as engineering design and electronic project major contract (construction) one class aptitude, first 1992 obtaining manage a qualification external. Passed attestation of system of ISO9001 level quality 1997. CEEDI is mixed with the industry dominant position of oneself technical reservior, in high-tech construction project and respect of project of special type environment have prominent technical dominant position and extremely strong competition ability.

Come for years, CEEDI is forerunner with innovation of science and technology, it is by person of so as to this design concept, hold to " respect a person, respect course of study, Jing Ke to learn, beg qualitative, beg effect, beg outstanding " quality guiding principle, provide excellent service for broad client. For this, CEEDI needs to have what match to it, advanced manpower resource management information system serves as auxiliary force, help its perfect administrative pattern, implementation manages an end, develop its industry dominant position adequately then. After understanding company of Hong Jingshi record and its product deep, the solution of manpower resource informatization that CEEDI is changed by human nature of grand scene century and good service move deeply, chose grand scene century finally to serve as a partner, use management information system of resource of grand scene manpower to realize efficient managing.

Grand scene century analysed the administrative existing state of affairs of CEEDI and target seriously, the management information system of resource of grand scene manpower that implements for the line on its is agile, applicable, economic, can satisfy CEEDI each demand for service, implementation human nature turns management. The database of manpower resource information that grand scene century will use this one system to help CEEDI build what be a foundation with personnel, the collection that realizes CEEDI to wait for information to fulfil of personnel, firewood, processing, memory, transmit and manage, efficient, high quality ground reachs a leader for CEEDI daily office, macro-control scientific and decision-making service.

This second collaboration, what the product performance that Hong Jingshi Ji Yizhuo exceeds, perfect service system and company's good reputation won designing institute of Chinese electron project is consistent approbate, believe, management information system of resource of grand scene manpower will become resource of manpower of designing institute of Chinese electron project to manage informatization to build forward development " roll booster " .

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