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Change management, answer a challenge----Application of EHR of 2008 grand scene

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Wang Yuxia (general manager of company of software of Hong Jingshi discipline)

Chen Jun dawn (management of Beijing University freely seeks advice from firm partner)

Bang plum (slightly your plan management seeks advice from firm partner)

Rao Zheng (management of cornerstone of an ancient name for China seeks advice from company vice president)

Huang Qun (Beijing lives ministry of resource of total group labor power)

Zhang Tianxin (ministry of resource of Beijing mobile manpower)

2008, new " labor contract law " carry out, " the worker takes salary year off byelaw " come on stage, inflation causes salary general to go up... , a series of external environment change gives management of resource of Chinese company labor power to bring huge impact. On one hand, the company raises with labor cost violent wind, the risk is increased, management of resource of active to the enterprise manpower puts forward huge to challenge; On the other hand, new environment also brought scientific compose to build what manpower resource runs a system to change to the enterprise good luck.

How to reduce manpower cost through management of manpower resource standardization, avoid company venture? How to develop manpower capital dominant position, creation manages gain, get used to the demand that the company below new condition grows thereby? How to resolve control cost and the contradiction that raise employee satisfaction to spend? These, it is the new task that the enterprise below new environment must face.

Run the brunt firm of software as Chinese power natural resources, limited company of software of century of Beijing grand scene carries the EHR inside numerous course of study management of resource of controller of resource of labor power of senior expert, well-known company, manpower sought advice from adviser to hold an EHR to apply communication seminar, experts gather together, discuss with respect to what above problem had extensive development. The article did the content of seminar dialog link the editor to arrange, cento hereat, in order to provide dinner for reader.

New environment causes new issue

Wang Yuxia: Managed to manpower resource 2008 for, it is troubled a year. New legal environment and economic environment, the manpower resource that pounding a tradition manages mode, brought the influence of square field surface to business management. Today, we invited the expert of concerned respect, will be discussed jointly in practice of manpower resource management, the problem of what respect did new environment cause after all? What kind of challenge and opportunity is the enterprise facing?

Huang Qun: This year on January 1 " labor contract law " after coming on stage, brought the change of a lot of respects to the enterprise really. Each link such as the deadline of contract of the management that the most immediate impact is the new law new label to labor contract and add autograph, probation, labor made strict provision, if misgovern, among the labor dispute that can make the enterprise is immersed in numerous and complicated, bring about the cost that use worker worker to increase, return the management efficiency that can drop a business greatly.

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