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Of company culture quantify evaluate with promotion -- slightly 7D of culture of
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Roman building is not result of a day, the construction of company culture also is a long-term course, need shapes ideal company culture through a paragraph of longer time ability. And, although had built applicable company culture so, if do not try to safeguard, this culture is in possibly also all sorts of elements (take employee ingoing CEO, newly for instance) constant change produces below the influence; The change of environment of battalion of already of look forward to also may make applicable before company culture becomes not applicable. Accordingly, be necessary to build culture of a company to evaluate improve a system, undertake evaluate and be diagnosticed to company culture regularly, provide guidance to be improved of company culture continuously.

We slightly your strategy advisory firm is on the foundation that company culture advisory experience is accumulated and studies to company culture development before, summary went out " slightly 7D of culture of your strategy company is evaluated improve a system " , it includes " of company strategy and company culture match spend " , " the support of company competition ability and company culture is spent " , " the characteristic of company brand and company culture is spent " , " the comfortable expenditure of business management and company culture concept " , " enterprise.

(1) of company strategy and company culture match degree

Company culture must match with company strategy photograph, the implementation of stimulative company strategy. For instance, what 3M company uses is a technology banner strategy, insist to be savoured through distinctive technology from beginning to end namely, the product with remarkable development will resist competitor, before the competitor begins follow the lead of, get rich and generous profit from inside distinctive product, after the competitor begins follow the lead of, already began to be in new get in development market new round of profit. This kind of technology precedes the strategy makes 3M company scored huge success. And the support that one of carries out effectively reasons of this kind of strategy depend on culture of 3M company full-bodied innovation. We imagine bureaucratic culture very hard or cannot effective accredit, right employee distrust, ignored is communicated, share, what innovation and the culture that the group cooperates can support this kind of strategy is effective carry out.

Accordingly, be necessary to find out the respect that match with the strategy in company culture and does not match for the enterprise, provide guidance for company culture construction thereby. For this, the problem that we designed relevant open mode question and mensurable evaluation in the light of all sorts of strategies, and match with each strategy photograph with the library of company culture element that does not match, right to company culture of the strategy match degree undertake assessment. Change the strategy to be with the difference of × × enterprise below exemple undertake demonstrative:
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