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Psychology applies in what manpower resource manages
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Graphic psychology is a psychological methodological application, draw analytic heart through the picture, cure is traumatic, can say very fresh, there can be application in manpower resource management of course, have inspire, it is a few new trials on technology of manpower endowment source control:

1. With efficient way, inspect the person's individual character and motive more deep-seatedly, offer the ginseng that pick a person to take an examination of sexual evaluation, abound technology of invite applications for a job

In the common procedure that pick a person, HR personnel perhaps is in charge of the linear manager of invite applications for a job can passing STAR(Situation, target, action, result) , PaperTest will make an on-the-spot investigation, the mastery of a skill or technique that knows a person, knowledge, however the new personality that a skill, experience accords with post to ask, the example that often chose Quit in probation however common occurance, interview official often plaints: "I think. . . . Cannot think of. . . . Because,be however. . . . " , this kind those who plaint to often arise to cannot knowing place of immanent psychology world deep more is helpless and generate.

In model of JCA ability competence. Assign the content that is 3 levels in all: Yu astounded collect sends Peng ⒅  to bite  of grandma of  admonish  takes ⒓ big pool to pour mansion ⒆  of dizzy Xi leaning on cochlea makes an appointment with  of  of ⒍ of bath of triangular bream of  of school of F of  of  of ⒍ of bath of triangular bream of mother of colourful of muddleheaded of white ruthenium Fan washing with watercolors and   model  is grey also go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married, very Creative, the hope drives a group through fast rhythm, the person that creates outstanding achievement went to European enterprise to be able to feel uncomfortable, reached state-operated industry, basically become warped to death became warped.   

And the individual character that digs a person, motive is very difficult, they are the major icebergs that are concealed below surface, end now, the enterprise is inspecting this part content is be being used at most is evaluation, and often be to apply in the campus invite applications for a job of year, include pair of graduate disposition, temperamental, IQ, EQ to wait make an on-the-spot investigation, undeniable, these technique are used on campus invite applications for a job effective really, however the problem depends on taking seriously besides large foreign enterprise, have actual strength and outside developing corresponding evaluation tool systematically, domestic company basically is to interrelate the data that the net searchs is chosen, medley rise with, can consult the gender is differred.   

Graphic psychology can provide referenced means in this respect, it is practical, can help have an insight into effectively popular feeling; Handy, operate easily; Will unscramble the world of applicant heart through drawing, inspect course of its heart road. For instance:
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