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About in natural resources of power of endowment silver pedestrian manages think
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Of our country money market open, provided the platform of equal competition for foreign capital bank. Foreign capital bank is mixed by right of its rich and generous pay, advanced management groom etc, as outstanding as domestic bank loot talent, the situation of prediction of a person's luck in a given year of person with ability of domestic banking industry is very grim. How be inducted through effective manpower endowment source control with the talent with the most outstanding tarry, in competition of bank of the foreign capital in been become whether the crucial place of get victory.

To answer the challenge of foreign capital bank, my individual

Think, in endowment the bank should strengthen the job in the following respects:

One, cogent establish a person to manage a concept originally. The administrative system of any enterprises, mechanism and measure, come from source say, manage concept place decision by its. Banking is the industry that knowledge employee collects, and the implementation that the biggest characteristic of knowledge employee values self-worth namely. Establish a person to manage a concept originally, the administrative mechanism that passes effective will try to carry out, ability increases the working capacity of employee ceaselessly, ability provides sufficient development space for employee, help them make the most outstanding handsome appearance thereby. To a lot of country banks, current problem does not depend on lacking a person with ability, and rising to be with the person at was not being established truly this administrative concept, and the lack of this one concept brings about directly and reflect those who be business management mechanism is backward: Orgnaization setting administrative levels is multifarious, of pyramid type mutiple level administration causes government benefit is not ideal, cause person duty to match drive of pay of unreasonable, pay effectiveness difference, employee grooms development does not reach the designated position, etc. Plus lack manpower resource runs a team, lack scientific administrative kind, bring about the serious waste of manpower resource necessarily. This basically is behaved in two respects, it is the environment that lacks a talent to show itself and condition, 2 it is not to pay attention to the manpower resource value with potential mining.

2, improve way of talent invite applications for a job actively. Domestic major bank executes a head office to examine and approve a system in respect of staff invite applications for a job, branch orgnaization basically does not have the influence of talent of invite applications for a job. Below the case that turns in mainland of invite applications for a job of staff of foreign capital bank, the change of talent market supply demand relations, make the malpractice of system of this kind of invite applications for a job very apparent. Reflective lag can lose a chance, if domestic bank cannot induct a talent quite in time, the talent can be reaved very quickly by foreign capital bank. In banking, the client manager of talented person of the skilled personnel that business development is badly in need of, law, high administrative levels, demand exceeds supply all the time, especially of those expert in one thing and good at many compound model talent, it is the key of bilateral contention more, of foreign capital bank " do it first " , make a few banks of domestic are recruiting respect of high-end elite talent to be in inferior position apparently. Want to change this kind of condition, domestic bank is about to give branch the power of qualified personnel of sufficient invite applications for a job, expedite staff invite applications for a job enters the mouth, with inducting a talent as soon as possible.
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