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Contemporary edition " cropland avoid horse race "
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Nowadays, to solve the problem that the talent is in short supply, the enterprise needs to find a kind of right talent combination to fulfil management mission

Chinese economy is in by labor concentrated model the industry is mixed to technology intensive industry capital is concentrated model while industrial direction transforms, also be in portraying the Chinese talent market that fits its to develop afresh, the demand that answers post also raised taller requirement, have most representative is banking and automobile industry.

Foreign capital bank is in China development modelled new post requirement, make of a few post hold a post aptitude produced apparent change. Build like what run a system as bank credit risk, posed bigger challenge to existing credit personnel. A qualified credit personnel, want to have solid bank professional knowledge and professional knowledge not only, be familiar with credit policy and concerned legal provision even, very strong to borrowing sex of money end risk to have logic analyses ability and judgement ability.

Spend higher automobile industry in people attention likewise, to make the innovation dominant position in this domain, the innovation thinking of research and development becomes a of industry quest main target. Every enterprise longs to innovate, the talent of research and development that relies on thinking of quick-witted and nimble, rich innovation will get competition ability. Post of car research and development holds a post the demand that aptitude also notes overweight major knowledge only no longer, the soft such as the innovation ability that excellent performance can bring about to behave in emphasizing particularly on to work at be opposite more however, ego promotion ability holds a post to ask idiosyncraticly.

However, the Chinese talent market of instantly is to offer accord demand to be out of line badly, show some talented people and can not satisfy the market to be opposite the requirement of new mastery of a skill or technique and new technology aptitude, the market appears an average talented person talent of superfluous, high end's in short supply phenomenon. The to apply for a job that is countless on one hand person the job that finds satisfaction hard, it is business high pay is invited on the other hand do not enrol right talented person however.

   Investigate and redesign working station

Because talent demand and supply are existing very big difference, the talented person that has new mastery of a skill or technique and aptitude of new mastery of a skill or technique is little fewer, even some of domain still is in vacuum region, the professional ability fill that needs to introduce foreign nationality is vacant. To get the talented person that matchs with bearing of business development demand, brought about those who jump over intense act more between the enterprise " the talent is contended for " .
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