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Resource of manpower of medium and small businesses manages mode to analyse
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Medium and small businesses should build manpower resource to manage mode, besides the general pattern that draws lessons from manpower resource management, still must add the content that suits oneself of medium and small businesses below in each module.

1, the program of manpower resource strategy of enterprise whole

Should do to do strong medium and small businesses to tell greatly, enterprise now is what manpower state, company future needs which kinds of talented person, need how many talented person, how to introduce a talent to wait these problems a moment, the company must have a total labor power to resource is forecasted and plan. Aimless do not have direction, did not develop without the strategy. What manpower resource management department offers to business development is strategical support basically is reflected in respect of manpower resource program. Manpower resource plans to had made the main component of enterprise whole strategy now, the company strategy that supports without manpower resource often ends in failure. Additional, the progress that wants the progress that notes an enterprise and stuff in manpower resource program is to be relied on each other, the relation of mutual hurried. If considered the development need of the enterprise only, and the development that ignored employee, meet those who caustic enterprise develops a target reach. Outstanding manpower resource plans, it is the plan that can make enterprise and employee get long-term benefit certainly, it is the plan that can make enterprise and staff grow jointly certainly. Through manpower resource goal of program general company and politic translate into are opposite the demand of manpower, reach effectively pledge and mix quantity, for a long time short-term manpower equilibrium of supply and demand, include a company invite applications for a job of resource of manpower of macroscopical, microcosmic, long-term, short-term, use, groom, the plan such as change of rising, attune, the science that realizes manpower resource is reasonable use.

Of course, make labor power while resource plans, return the function that should combine manpower resource to manage, build each regulations system, use industry system through the standard, in enterprise interior compose builds good manpower resource to configure a system to wait, farther standard manages mode.

Invite applications for a job of 2, talent

The job of talent invite applications for a job of medium and small businesses is the enterprise introduces a talent, develop the first condition of the talent, enter employee newly to whether have development latent capacity and education value to basically depend on of this link guard a pass. According to administrative levels of talent of invite applications for a job different, can divide for basic level, middle-level, high level 3 kinds of personnel, the invite applications for a job of disparate arrangement of ideas, due before invite applications for a job to it the assessment index that post photograph matchs, is not ability, record of formal schooling has been jumped over higher. Be opposite for instance basic level personnel, the enterprise cannot treat experience of record of formal schooling, work and professional ability as assessment key, should spend the working manner of this applicant, faithfulness to the enterprise however and the primary quality of an employee has to be examined well and truly. Contrary, will tell to middle-level and high-level personnel, the enterprise wants accurate hold should be its profession ability and professional specialty, experience of how many work do you have in this domain? Is your oneself had why to plant professional ability? What innovation train of thought is there after you pursue this profession? Your professional morality how? Waiting these ability a moment is the most crucial. What should put forward particularly is, personnel of the high level in be opposite if his professional morality has a problem, so no matter he has how old ability and wisdom, the enterprise cannot let this kind of person come to the company, because he is to the company potential " terrorist " , once fall out, extremely ruinous strong; In personnel interview link, the member composition of interview also wants reasonable and proper, the interview requirement of basic level personnel is relatively inferior, mix by commissioner of invite applications for a job of manpower resource department of unit of choose and employ persons two to 3 people can, but to in high-level applicant, the company must send a branch to be in charge of above position personnel to undertake assessing interview to its, cannot achieve expectant interview result otherwise; The employ job of new employee also must accomplish information accurate and expedite, seasonable, otherwise, outstanding talent is possible by others the swift-footed arrive first, the job before oneself also wasted. Arrived employee tries operating period, what the first condition of company should do is to make employee familiar business environment and understanding company culture and preparatory work suit, after the field trip that passes 3 two months, if send existing employee to cannot get used to company culture or position requirement, should decisive and repulsive, absolutely cannot put up with is worn choose and employ persons.
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