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"Type of do sth over and over again " 3 dimension of talent management are spent
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People often says: "Because,joining is company, because,leaving is boss. " see outstanding can condense ability a batch of outstanding talents, and the competition ability that the talent affects a business directly.

The talent uses its knowledge and skill to create the resource of value for the society namely, all resource that how allow a company to include a talented person inside produce the biggest effect, this is the action ability.

So, what is the biggest distinction ability and talent? Think commonly former not only have strong strong technical ability, and have extraordinary soft technical ability, for instance leader force, eye and communication communicate ability to wait a moment. Relative to character, hard skill is acquired more easily through learn and grooming, also evaluate more easily. Soft technical ability is relative and character is not can receive continuously through grooming, the practice that need adopts for some time and the method that carry out ability to be able to get on book become the skill of oneself. Sometimes hard skill is lacked can be make up for more quickly, but if inadequacy has not been connected normally,lead force and eye, because this is more difficult,improve inside short time.

So, soft actual strength from why and come? I think, by do sth over and over again it is best school. The do sth over and over again here basically includes what 3 dimension spend to take exercise: It is to accumulate the working experience in different country and different region market, 2 be accumulate different function or the working experience that runs mode differs in same function, 3 it is to accumulate the experience in all sorts of circumstances.

We can see presiding apparitor has more and more whole worlds abroad work experience. Investigation shows, in standard general Er in the CEO of 500 strong companies, the CEO proportion that has abroad work experience already from 5 years before 26% rise for 34% . Visible, in economy more and more of globalization today, become CEO to the understanding of different market people the foundation of extraordinary eye, and the leader force that also affecting CEO to the understanding of different culture. Be in so Asia, president of a lot of transnational corporation is by headquarters the group comes, facilitate on one hand the volition of executive headquarters, also be the husband that education has abroad experience on the other hand. In the meantime, transnational corporation has begun more train this locality talented person that has abroad work experience widely, accumulate the husband that has globalization idea.

In the meantime, those who cross function or operation mode " do sth over and over again " indispensable also. When we help a client evaluate the candidate of CFO, an important level is the understanding of pair of business and operation, because the part of CFO is the problem from financial angle consideration CEO. Interesting is, in Shibinsha the company is opposite setting of CEO of 500 strong companies studies standard general Er in, have be close to the person-time of 50% to once had worked in two above in the following function, include learning research, bank, seek advice, project, financial, law, sale, operation, plan and sale.
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