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In Xin Rui the city introduces a talent successfully
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Plan of supplier of hard disk of a whole world builds an Asia to decide a card to produce in Suzhou (OEM) management center, this management center serves as an independent group, give priority to with project management, basically be in charge of consuming electric subclass product, report the work to global headquarters directly. This supplier produces calm card (OEM) the personnel configuration of the management center entrusts branch of Suzhou of Chenghua of 10 thousand treasure.

Although Suzhou has competitive advantage on situation and investment climate, but the structured problem that talent supply exists namely in shortage of senior talented person is severe with the brain drain, make the new challenge that investment business faces in Suzhou.

   ·Candidate resource shorts: Differentiate to be configured with personnel to the function of the management center according to the client, the compact group of 8 people asks to compare to the integral quality of personnel tall. Competency decides a card to produce (OEM) the candidate of project manager needs to have communication negotiation, production to run, the canal of the whole technological process such as quality control, financial budget controls capacity, and can finish the job inside each link independently. In Suzhou person with ability of this kind of senior management is in short supply particularly serious, and this kind of talent more tend toward the city that develops littoral demand develops.

   ·Position setting lacks appeal to candidate: Although what need staff level to belong to project manager or advanced project manager, but need not lead a group however actually. To domestic share candidate, be used to guide and running a group, reflect oneself to have some government ability and professional value with this.

The professional adviser of department of Cheng Huasu state passes 10 thousand treasure to be communicated deep with the client, understanding decides a card to produce (OEM) the management center organizes the prominent place in the framework in the whole world, understand the main effect that every position produces in the group, took corresponding step:

   ·Make executive candidate draw strategy:

1. The commercial environment with modernization of Suzhou high new developed area, good development prospect and the living environment that has terrain distinguishing feature introduces nonlocal candidate;

2. To having the candidate of a program of long-term profession career, offer referenced course, pass the development space that the client can provide. If position can offer the opportunity that be communicated with global headquarters and learns, raise confluence multivariate the ability of culture.
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