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Ideal employer rank gives heat
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  Universum chooses the method of the idealest employer

The survey firm Universum that runs independently ( every annual meeting is judged inside global limits in singling out undergraduate memory pop chart of the idealest employer, the basis of judge is college graduate wants to be what company effectiveness most. The purpose is to offer one side mirror, mirror instead clearly their employer brand image in oneself prospective employee memory.

   Investigate the history

Unviersum (actor is promoted seek advice) hold water at was in Sweden 1988, in 90 time begin to undertake the employer brand survey with the earliest whole world in Europe first, outside each national investigation that have every year besides independence in Europe now, still undertake the undergraduate of complete Europe and student of complete Europe MBA are investigated; Universum begins in first time investigation of the United States at 14 years before, had developed to include investigation of student of completely beautiful MBA at present, investigation of completely beautiful undergraduate and completely beautiful much more phyletic descendants investigate the investigation of 3 kinds of different forms, universum begins in Asian investigation 2005, universum was in 2008 the answer that 28 countries and area accepted the whole world to exceed 200 thousand person-time, it is the orgnaization with the most authoritative, the largest scale that at present the whole world undertakes employer brand is investigated.

   Survey means and questionnaire

Universum passes the collaboration of student mass organizations with as directive as each university obtain employment center and the largest force, to get investigation group (big 3, big 4 with the graduate student) the student is sent invite, the student passes the questionnaire that Universum fills in on online fashion network. To getting online the student group with narrow condition, used paper questionnaire.

The questionnaire language that is in China is Chinese, the questionnaire of all Universum is in survey ground appear with local language form. Student union is filling in questionnaire when the grade before answering oneself to look (Note: Procuress of  of kiss of coil up of live abroad of Xi fade spruce cheek investigate level ground takes off core but  ┮ makes an appointment with 8  chasm to mire ㄒ carries litter of small cup of J of  of Song Mo of ⑷ of ぁ of Hua of ⒗ of ㄉ charcoal Pi to show crowded  ? more than 10000, amount of final and effective questionnaire is 16815, the questionnaire that all Universum is right collection go to has very strict examination, the answer is only complete status of logical, respondent is active not reduplicative questionnaire ability enters final effective questionnaire database quite.
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