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Food beverage manufacturing industry: "With the wolf in all dance " word person
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What the masses consumes is ceaseless upgrade, brought high-speed progress for manufacturing industry of Chinese food beverage, but in the world share that processes trade in the food of 3 trillion dollar, china is occupied only 5% , this photograph occupies world total population to China for the scale of 21% , a lot of questions are worth while and soul-searching: The development that what affected manufacturing industry of Chinese food beverage be? Where is the core competition ability of industry of Chinese food beverage? The state of talent supply and demand of this industry how? In what kind of problem is manpower endowment source control of whole put again?

   This period honored guest


  Zhang Tingwen

Vice president of network of China person of outstanding ability, master of psychology of Zhejiang university industry. Ever held a post at Shenzhen China for technical limited company, Zhejiang limited company of technology of Hua Litong message, Ai Kang gives birth to content technology (Hangzhou) limited company, have successively held the posts of groom the duty such as chief inspector of resource of assistant of manager, president, manpower.

   Peng Jianfeng

Adviser of professor of Chinese people college, doctoral student, cornerstone of an ancient name for China runs advisory group president, chinese cartel can manage vice director of advisory industry committee, chinese famous management consults an expert. Ever held the post of assistant dean of college of personnel matters of work of Chinese people college. Seek advice to study 3 domains to have outstanding contribution with learning in battalion of already of look forward to, management.

   Chi Jingtao

In inspector general of department of resource of manpower of food group limited company, external economic commerce university is industrial and commercial manage a Master, advanced economy division. Ever held the post of China general manager of department of resource of labor power of company of 5 mine group. Have substantial manpower natural resources to manage actual combat experience.

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Zhang Tingwen: China is big country of population big country and agricultural production, especially after reforming and opening these year, of national income level rise pull moved a countryman to be opposite the consumptive demand of industry of whole food beverage, but the progress of manufacturing industry of beverage of native land food is not quite good still. Data makes clear, relative to total population of Yu Zhanshi bound for the scale of 21% , the food of 5% machines China industry world share appears less, and the dimensions of production industry of Chinese food beverage still is compared relatively small, more dispersive. The manpower endowment source control that Professor Peng of the university of late summation people of group of the food in be being asked today talks about food beverage manufacturing industry together is promoting an industry to develop a respect to still exist what problem and how to answer.
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