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" Chinese crackajack employer 2008 Shanghai area " bilingual book whole world is
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The Sino-British and bilingual book that by the whole world company of CRF of orgnaization of appraisal of famous and outstanding outstanding achievement publishs " area of Shanghai of TM2008 of Chinese crackajack employer " will hold new book on August 6 head hair media meets meeting. This book regards CRF as a component of project of crackajack employer TM, combined authority and story sex, recorded 24 selected preeminent companies to run the distinguishing feature that go up in manpower resource, they are respectively: 3M, Asia-Pacific brew, Jin Chengbao danger, Bao Gang, do obeisance to golf of ear, seaside, Kelaite, De Qin, DHL, Di Siman, An Yong, answer ground, solid distinctive, Chinese summary information.

Covered electronic information, software, chemical industry, food, car, steely, finance, seek advice, the industry such as content shedding, for employer brand construction domain offerred to be able to offer the staff guage that resource of each company labor power draw lessons from, also will choose obtain employment to provide reference for domestic and international youth professional at the same time.

Above all, COO David Plink of CRF whole world and guest people a few successful experience that shared employer brand to be in abroad, and the influence that employer brand brings a company. Ms. Chen Lin also introduced vise general manager of CRF China district in detail " area of Shanghai of TM2008 of Chinese crackajack employer " book. It has been the 3rd when CRF issues in China bilingual book, relatively two books before this, in the editor the readability of composing, content, deepness that covers an industry has promotion greatly, one most elegant also is in congener book. Regard employer brand as the excellent case volume of construction, this book introduced Shanghai ground Ou Jie in detail to give employer to be built in employer brand, the successful experience that builds aspect of harmonious organization atmosphere successfully for employee, these enterprises are how to inspire the working enthusiasm with incentive employee, how to promote manpower resource branch to be waited a moment in the strategic importance of the company, also provided the valuable experience that attract and retains a person with ability for other company. Industry of 24 when introduce in the book crackajack employer, although capital structure is different, located the industry is disparate, but these enterprises are attracting talent and reservation talent to the upper part of the body reveal general character: Pay close attention to manpower resource level of management rise, take manpower resource branch seriously the participation with the decision-making strategy in company operation.

Ms. Chen Lin still introduces: This book is in not only countrywide each bookshop can be bought, still can buy through each large network bookshop. CRF still contacted nearly 100 China's famous college library to undertake a book donate, borrow for the student read. We still pass chamber of commerce of European Union, Europe, beautiful chamber of commerce, flower business of chamber of commerce, short for Zhejiang Province door and the orgnaization such as talent intermediary association, built with them very good cooperation concerns and give a book channel, have our book giving to each young professional in the round. Additional, we still give website of invite applications for a job, resource of hunt head firm, manpower runs a company. Believe before long, can more and more readers can read our book.
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