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The challenge of resource of originality industry labor power
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More and more apparent conclusive effect is produced in economic progress as the originality force that is a feature with individual wisdom, originality industry concept also gradually thorough popular feeling, its unique industry distinguishing feature and outstanding economic benefits, take seriously generally what had caused each country, developed country and area are its establish pillar industry even.

In August 2006, our country held a theme to be " originality detonates economic new miracle " congress of first originality industry, style of real estate of digital software industry, design industry, advertisement public relations and advisory plan industry, originality and construction industry, brand industry of industry, broadcast movie and TV, news publishs art of industry, culture industry of life of industry, handicraft industry, originality industry of originality of 10 industries classify. Originality industry is the activity that gives priority to with running symbolic sex commodity and message, the basic economy value of these commodity results from their culture value, formed to arrive from originality, production reproduction, arrive again trade the giant industry catenary of the process. Accordingly, originality industry calls originality culture the industry again.

What at present industry of our country originality lacks most is talent and atmosphere. Repeatedly among them need already the controller that content of industry of originality of be proficient in is good at management again and inspiration burst forth, the create person that originality alternate shows two kinds of big talents; And " atmosphere " depend on founding the mechanism of originality of an incentive the whole people and judge standard. Accordingly, the manpower resource of originality industry is developed and manage, had become society and the heat that industry pays close attention to.

Because industry of Beijing area originality is centered relatively, and the higher level that also represented country, from August 2006 since the portion, intelligent rich academy is aimed at the originality culture business that registers the ground to be in Beijing area, adopt the method that samples randomly, communicate through email, phone, the spot fills in, the means such as spot interview undertook manpower resource is investigated, extend in all questionnaire 244, reclaim questionnaire 165. Carry this investigation, we are right the manpower resource state of industry of Beijing area originality had knowledge of a whole, also discovered many problems at the same time. The article will be aimed at more outstanding 3 big questions to undertake analysing.

   Professional amount and quality are not worth badly

  Professional demands exceeds supply, talent quality becomes development bottleneck

According to intelligent rich findings report shows, person with ability of industry of culture of Beijing area originality from industry fixed number of year opposite shorter, industry experience slants generally little, 73.2% what working experience is not worth 2 years, only the person of 5.15% has experience of work of 8 years of above (see a picture 1) . In the meantime, the mainest reason that also understands difficulty of staff invite applications for a job is this kind of person with ability is lacked on the market.
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