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Manual of employee of medium and small businesses weaves " 4 footwork "
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"Employee manual " , say simply even if can make employee fast know a company and can normative employee is daily the booklet of behavior, it has two basic functions: It is those who make just entered a company " accurate employee " the history that can know a company quickly, culture, run standard of policy of mode, personnel government, daily behavior to wait, grow quickly be a company " qualified personnel " ; The 2 daily behavior that are normative employee, the special requirement of aggrandizement industry or company, promote a company whole run efficiency.

To medium and small businesses, if can be developed effectively " employee manual " effect, on one hand OK and cut groom cost and personnel government cost, still can make employee lower working error rate and accident rate on the other hand, improve the work efficiency of employee and result thereby. "Employee manual " the work out often needs to manage a system to be a foundation with clear company culture and normative manpower resource, and at present the company culture of our country major medium and small businesses still lies muddleheaded condition, system of manpower endowment source control is not quite normative still also, below this kind of state, how should medium and small businesses weave suit oneself not to lose operation sex again already " employee manual " ? The author carries out experience according to seeking advice for years, specific aim ground put forward staff personnel manual " 4 footwork " .

   The first pace: Decide frame

"Calm frame " , decide namely " employee manual " the basic frame of content. Generally speaking, a complete employee manual its are basic frame should include 5 shares: The first part is " if be being written in front " , the 2nd part is " the company is summarized " , the 3rd part is " behavior standard " and " special profession asks " , the 4th part is " personnel management system " , the 5th part is " supplementary articles " . To medium and small businesses, can regard employee as the main content of manual this basic framework directly likewise, next, in this one advocate on the foundation of frame, decide corresponding sub frame.

   Had used " if be being written in front "

The content of this part is the highest commissioner name with the company is signed and issue normally, its are main the purpose is " the passion that welcome employee and arouses staff study manual " , consequently, its are sub frame includes the following fields normally: (1) welcoming speech; (2) what can employee obtain through employee manual; (3) Zhu Yu and hope; (4) autograph. Recently two years, medium and small businesses is weaving employee manual when, although go up to be able to include this one share in the structure, but often appear however when sub frame is affirmatory deviation, often " general principles " a project that serves as sub frame. For example, one has stuff the stainless steel of 800 much people wears production company, its " if be being written in front " the project of sub frame is in include " welcoming speech " besides, return a bag to contain " of this manual write a purpose, the guiding ideology of this manual, accommodation and hope employee abide by manual " wait for a project. With such " if be being written in front " piece employee manual says a nondescript from formally, say to be able to make employee produces allergy from the effect, affect its to be mixed to the study result of employee manual farther inside change, carry out. Accordingly, when proposal medium and small businesses is writing employee manual, strict according to " the welcoming speech, results that studies employee manual, Zhu Yu and hope and autograph " sub frame undertakes writing.
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