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Knowledge is shared, what can HR do?
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Often can see, because a dining-room is big of hutch leave one's post and " desolate pommelled horse is rare before the door " , enterprise of a high-tech because of the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of core technology backbone sink technology backwater not before, be close to bankrupt condition even, actually these phenomena result from company knowledge manages be short of break. Imperceptible in, intellectual management already became the issue that numerous and well-known company takes home seriously and pays close attention to, the manpower endowment source control that also is an enterprise offerred new task. What characteristic does the knowledge in the enterprise have? What advantage does knowledge enjoy in all? Pair of what businesses does knowledge share more pressing? How should resource administration point of view accelerate the construction of intellectual government mechanism from manpower?

   Knowledge, in the appreciation in sharing

  Blame accrual of knowledge is degressive gender and share growth sex

Polish Buddhist nun of · of philosopher Michael Er thinks, human knowledge can divide for dominance knowledge and recessive knowledge two kinds: Dominance knowledge is the knowledge that can try to state with book, character, chart and mathematical formula, it can be combined, store, search again and through different mechanism, change in relevant practice, have the characteristic of standardization, systematization, be communicated easily and share; Recessive knowledge is implant at individual in reaching its intelligence mode, hard encode and communication knowledge, be belong to craftsmenship, experience alone by scene definitive, individual but " know and cannot character person numerous " knowledge, have high personification, hard normative characteristic, its share a the sources of energy at demand person to recessive knowledge owner imitate or between both sides discuss jointly, communication and practice.

In the meantime, knowledge has blame profit again degressive sex and share growth sex two characteristics:

   Blame accrual is degressive quality:

The accrual in economics is degressive the rule or call limit pay degressive rule, produce effect really to the investment of corporeal element, go up in intellectual element however, did not act well however. It is with software product exemple, should duplicate more only the cost of a software is fixed, no matter its sell the first software to still sell the 1 millionth software, software company always can get higher profit from which, this is special place of knowledge. Because basically the intellectual place that includes by its decides the value of software, and when this kind of knowledge " solidify " at software product, the limit cost that its throw has been 0.

   Share growth sex:

Differ with corporeal product, knowledge can be shared, it makes those who get knowledge total put a quantity to also be in produce change ceaselessly. Organizing interior, when its when an employee knowledge and other member are shared, constituent knowledge puts growth of quantity general twice, and the one party that provides knowledge not loss any. As a result of knowledge sharing is a process, need to be participated in bilaterally jointly, the person that offer also can deepen original knowledge to perhaps gain new knowledge in transferring a process.
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