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80 hind: Management is incentive still
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"The discipline of iron " it seems that should abdicate gives " the education of love " .

Zhi Minxian of general manager king of company of treasure island glasses gave birth to this a few years to encounter a problem on personnel administration, that is parents often be the main reason that whether an employee leaves that post. These new employee were 1980 mostly later be born, as the singleton female, they are caressed to what live in parental meticulously mostly as a child in. The circumstance after so parents enters company of treasure island glasses to them cares very much, if oneself child is not very happy on the job, parents often can say " not happy come back, this bits of cash that you also do not lack to earn in the home anyway " .

Company of treasure island glasses comes from Chinese Taiwan, have store of many 400 chain inside at present. This company is right of employee groom take seriously very much. Glasses industry is " half cure half business " profession, the salesperson needs the knowledge of relatively professional optics, physiological respect. After new employee lets, need what half an year controls to groom commonly time. Treasure island glasses developed to inland 1997, the first station is Xiamen, cannot find appropriate employee at that time, the employee that speak wants a course to groom strictly. In those days groom emphasize militarization, pursuit " the discipline of iron " . Once had a stuff when grooming, to reach approximately slashing level, one side glass brushed 8 hours continuously. This sort is like " the devil trains " groom what should engraft to employee is " little detail, big key " concept.

But this kind grooms means to 80 hind the youth of generation appears not quite appropriate. The gist that Wang Zhi civilian begins to will groom from " the discipline of iron " to " the education of love " change. When employee just enters a company, his parents can receive an acknowledgment letter, treasure island glasses works and for its children can thanks to them on the summary congress of; the end of the year, the parents of first-class staff can be arrived please company, share the result that obtains in the company and honor together with his child. And grooming specificly in the process, the sort of original method that a large number of engrafting and takes an exam ceaselessly is apparently washed-up, divide authority into different group then, make them thorough discuss, offer oneself view as far as possible, the group that lets differ next competes each other, arouse everybody's creativity and enthusiasm effectively so.

This issue that Wang Zhi civilian encounters is not new to a lot of controller. Enter working station as the youth that is born in great quantities after 1980, begin their professional career, how to manage these people to become an issue. They are singletons mostly female, surroundings is relatively abundant, the time that these people grow, also be the time that progressively reforming and opening, economy grows whole country quickly. Accordingly, their experience, eye shot and aspiration and in front a few acting people have clear distinction. Will look from psychological feature, they are self-confident, independent, individual character make public, proper pride is strong, to it corresponding is to bear the capability of pressure is not strong, produce setback move very easily, lack hard-working spirit, by person for " strawberry a group of things with common features " -- outside and bright, but have pressure a bit, cannot prop up. Look from consumptive behavior, 80 hind the brand consciousness of generation is very strong, stress quality, opposite to the price not sensitive, like the product of fashionable popularity.
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