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How to undertake the most well-advised managing to the online behavior of employ
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  How to undertake the most well-advised managing to the online behavior of employee?

Friend A passes those who be in Shanghai a few years to hit go all out, business is done eventually get downwind with the stream. A day, I call him, ask him to attend the seminar that a new product of my company develops. Phone that he appears very helpless: "I do not take a body, because of the employee after I leave online behavior does not have law control, bring about company natural resources to waste! " the absent to A, I do not have the least bit blame his meaning, stand in his angle, I understand his fine to suffer from intention of course: He worries about the employee abuse to company network resource, meeting nibble his enterprise whole competition ability.

Hidden trouble is heavy

Before paragraph time, websence of supplier of program of personnel online government releases " global network safety investigates " the result lets me feel accident: 8 countries suffer with what there is 83% inside the area visit employee to browse the website that has nothing to do with the job inside office hours. Chinese employee is weekly and floriferous 7.6 hours will use IM, play game, P2P or media of going from place to place; Side of music of employee online download is higher than Latin America 16% ; Get online enter chatting room and play online game two sides are made an appointment with higher than other country respectively 8% with 12% ; In the India that is a developing country together, only 26% employee get online correspondence of the individual that browse, and be in China, this number is 60% !

The desktop office system of employee is postern like, without online behavior of course management and pilot interior, can bring the disaster that makes up for hard to the enterprise. This is not exaggerate sth just to scare people, employee browses the website that has nothing to do with the job inside office hours, making the enterprise suffers menace in a lot of respects:

● safe respect: If a certain employee the website that went up to have virus, bring about whole and in-house network to break down likely, the damage that causes important file possibly even and missing;

● resource respect: Employee downloads music, film in great quantities, can create bandwidth insecurity and appearance of network traffic jam, affect the operation of whole industry;

● law respect: If some stuff is right the enterprise is malcontent, adverse to enterprise and leader opinion on public affairs is released in the website, perhaps visit a few reactionary websites through intranet sth resembling a net, release reactionary expression of one's political views, can pull the company into legal predicament.

   The deterrence force of invalidation

In fact, to the hidden trouble that the bad behavior that employee gets online forms, employer of a lot of industries has felt nervous, think way conciously, with managing the network resource of the company effectively. For example nots hesitate gigantic endowment, install the software of the every act on network of can surveillant employee, use this software to inquire staff online time is mixed the website that browse, use the code that special software offers even, whether does inquiry have employee to use a network to apply for the post of other company, or be pass confidential document to give nonrelevant the public figure without allowing to give. Once the behavior on employee net exceeds the company's sufferable measure, suffer discharge possibly.
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