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All findings report of questionnaire of rich international commerce: Cost of emp
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Hong Kong of manpower resource net on April 1, 2008 dispatch- - all rich accountant goes " findings report of international commerce questionnaire 2008 " (International Business Report) is newest the findings that announce shows, the newspaper of Chinese inland private enterprise that is as high as 91% says to spend the charge on employee body to increase apparently than last year, rank first of the area that the whole world participates in investigation 34 times. And private enterprise of every 10 Hong Kong east advocate in, have be close to 7 to state employee cost rises, the rank in making Hong Kong is being investigated the 16th (see a table one) .

Hire leave employee to become domestic company the biggest challenge

Not simply employee cost issue makes outback private enterprise has a headache greatly, invite reach one of item that persuade main employee to stay to also become them to pay close attention to most, the enterprise that persuades employee problem to stay than invite applications for a job paying close attention to to reach more before 12 months among them east advocate be as high as 81% , make Chinese inland becomes this investigation project to go up, country of world rank second (see a table 2) .

All Yuan Guojiang of copartner of government of travel China business agrees with rich accountant, outback private enterprise is uptodate need to face really active and the market of invite applications for a job with intense competition. Yuan Guojiang expresses: "Findings mirrors the economy that rises at high speed inside the area to make problem of hi-tech personnel shortage increasingly serious, lift firewood proposes a toast level and employee cost rise ceaselessly, your employer must take the problem that invite and persuades a talent to stay seriously more really. Your employer must take the problem that invite and persuades a talent to stay seriously more really..

Yuan Guojiang is compensatory: "In recent years Chinese government and the labor bureau that visit town each perfect labour laws exemple actively. It is to put in no matter the cost in manpower resource or be gradually the code with strict hasten, create durative pressure to employer. Create durative pressure to employer..

Rising market be the first to be affected

Worth while and advertent is, rise at investigating li of newspaper to say employee cost jumps, and pay close attention to more invite in reaching the nation that persuades main employee problem to stay, very much rising market also be among the best of candidates (see the watch reachs a table 2) . Among them India and wave letter that, every 10 private enterprises east advocate in the difficult position that 8 face shortage of the ability that do a person, express to be invited than paying close attention to more before and persuade employee to stay.

Yuan Guojiang thinks, rising market often can offer more opportunity. For example: More and more course of study of multispan state-owend enterprise contends for photograph sortie China or other developing country, the hope can divide a cup of a thick soup in Yujigaozeng's long economy evolution, created more choice and opportunity for the talent consequently. In addition, price index of consumption of this year inland is climbed litre to 7% , enterprise east advocate but should face pay to rise brings adverse element. Here management environment falls, private enterprise hard to avoid wants competition of as well-known as international trademark, spread out attract reach the talent that persuades employee to stay to contend for battle.
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