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Beautiful closes resource of city labor power to manage association to hold wate
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Yesterday morning, resource of city labor power manages association to work to hold water with social security bureau in city, indicate the manpower resource of a government of a join, enterprise and intermediary orgnaization serves platform to be born formally.

Beautiful closes gross of city qualified personnel to be not worth, integral quality on the low side, talent distributinging disequilibrium, urgent need has to be able to join government and enterprise, enterprise and enterprise, enterprise and intermediary serve an orgnaization between the mass organizations organization of the blame government that is engaged in manpower resource technically developing research, of institute of government of resource of city labor power be born as it happens solved this one problem. Institute of government of resource of city labor power is serve information of work of management center, town to ensure appraisal of skill of profession of center, city by city obtain employment north of directive center, another name for Guangdong Province 5 units start vestibule school, city Electromechanical vestibule school jointly, municipal Party committee organizes an approval, it is the organization of a folk of town work and management of social security bureau. Current, had had unit of many 50 look forward to, career, administration, 100 much people applied for to join consortium with individual name.

Deputy mayor Zou Yongsong hopes resource of city labor power runs association can the regulation according to constitution, fulfil obligation adequately, develop the research activity of all sorts of manpower resource effectively, the member that runs a service at manpower resource to have keep in mind builds the talent of put to good use, arena that shows elegant demeanour, optimize configuration to provide more and beneficial gain for what beautiful involves resource of city labor power.

The province works and resource of manpower of deputy floorwalker of social security hall, province manages association vice-chairman Liang Manguang, li Fei of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, standing deputy mayor, beneficial of Luo Xiang of vice director of standing committee of city National People's Congress attends plenary meeting and uncover a shop sign for association. (Beautiful involves reporter of musical instrument of daily reporter Deng old close)

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