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The Asia evens more 40% administrator thinks to be able to develop measure conti
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In can develop a field continuously, asia-Pacific area is banner the whole world

Hong Kong of manpower resource net on June 26, 2008 report- - according to department of economics person information (Economist Intelligence Unit) show about the global findings report that can develop continuously, suffer in Asia-Pacific area in visitting administrator, 64% agree to invest in what can develop a field continuously is content exceeds a value. Release today " Asia-Pacific area administrator is schematic " point out, of 42% suffer the person that visit to state its are the biggest benefit is to be able to improve shareholder value.

" area of Asia-Pacific of department of economics person information administrator summary " fasten a when 2007 according to department of economics person information the bottom carries out global findings report to assess the impact that can expand pair of nowadays business continuously. This investigation visited 1254 administrator in all in world each district, among them 337 are stationed in leave Asia-Pacific area. In addition, the senior administrator that this investigation also arranged 28 to come from industry of etc of business circles, non governmental body, academia and expert have thorough visit. Intermediate quantity couplet is the only assistance orgnaization that this investigation is in Asia-Pacific area all right.

On the conference that the department of economics person information that holds in Hong Kong today can develop continuously, the sources of energy of travel of intermediate quantity couplet and can develop Mr Chris Wallbank of director of service department district to think continuously, these findings and the opinion that intermediate quantity couplet goes to be listened to from client location happen to have the same view. "More and more companies realise it is important to can develop business terribly continuously, although be discussed extensively, but execute rising still is a challenge. But execute rising still is a challenge..

Investigation shows, in the past 3 years, in the company that can expand expressional side to obtain height to evaluate continuously, the company share price that has 41% is added go up exceeded 31% ; And the evaluation can develop expression to be poorer company continuously in, only 18% achieve same stock increase rate.

Although every company grows the definition of the respect to put to can lasting,have difference, but Asia-Pacific area still makes a person look at with new eyes in the progress of this respect. Investigation shows, the category that Asia-Pacific area has 16 to be able to develop measure and policy continuously is banner behave on average at the whole world:

- - the company that Asia-Pacific area has 59% already adopted measure to improve what environment and society behave to rule, and global number is 51%
- - the company of 47% already edited reach the business that tightens up control to accord with moral principle in order to support, the whole world has the company of 40% to already was carried out only
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