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Industry of HR manpower resource is in short supply professional
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The resource of the 3rd manpower that holds before long before manages large award peak to be able to go up, the problem with not quite professional itself of administrator of resource of domestic labor power, get the attention of industry.

"A lot of people manage an industry not to understand to manpower resource, but actually of this group course of study professional very tall. Practitioner is mixed besides the main job flow that masters this industry besides module, still should possess certain legal knowledge and communication communication skill, had better return can master a few foreign languages. " in the eye in secretary-general of Zhu Qingyang of guild of Shanghai talent intermediary, the doorsill of industry of manpower endowment source control indeed not low. China has probably 500 much manpower resource from personnel of course of study, but amount of the person that had learned manpower resource major truly has 20% to control only probably.

Really, what manpower resource runs a course and do not imagine like the outside is so relaxed. Among them, the link such as analysis of invite applications for a job, post, performance management, salary allocation appears particularly important.

   The Zhu Geliang that know a person " 7 view law "

Zhu Qingyang tells a reporter, the job of invite applications for a job of the enterprise has strict classified level, general and primary talent is to pass the means such as media, network, intermediary to have company invite applications for a job, intermediate talent is used " conjugate " means invite applications for a job, and the senior talented person of C word nob basically passes hunt head look for. Bear of manpower resource branch is worn the duty that invite applications for a job works, should wait for angle from industry experience, choose for the enterprise piece most the talented person that match.

Accordingly, introduce a talent " invite applications for a job " the comprehensive challenge of the eyesight that link can be pair of HR. Zhu Geliang is famous " 7 view law " , had been applied by contemporary manpower resource controller in reality in the link of invite applications for a job.

■ asking with dispute view its annals: HR adopts the form of interlocution, observe applicant's eye and obtain employment ambition, become brief knowledge to fundamental condition of applicant and working experience.

■ poor with demit argue outlook its change: This is in invite applications for a job, often be called " pressure interview " , namely the query that HR carries take sb by surprise, observe applicant answers the ability of meet an emergency of unexpected problem or incident.
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