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Weak country takes the lead in passing model of maturity of ability of SEI PCMM
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Shenyang of manpower resource net in July 2008 31 dispatch on July 10, 2008, president of soft group Inc. holds CEO Dr. Liu Jiren concurrently to evaluate division Srinivas Thummalapalli from the director east letter of PCMM V2.0 ML3 has been received in the hand, the mark is worn east soft passed SEI PCMM ML3 smoothly to evaluate, becoming the first also is exclusive a Chinese company that evaluates through PCMM ML3.

CMM (Capability Maturity Model) , namely ability maturity model, be by the United States Carnegie - institute of project of Mellon university software (SEI) put forward and develop, with the method that will improve and evaluate a software to organize development capacity. The full name of PCMM is People Capability Maturity Model, namely model of maturity of manpower resources capacity, basically use elevate a firm program, attract, development, drive and the ability that retain a person with ability, it is an enterprise to be able to improve constituent capacity to provide action guide continuously.

PCMM is cent of manpower resources capacity 5 grade: Initiative class, already ran course, already defined class, can forecast class and optimize class, capacity of the management with corresponding inconsistent disorder, personnel administration, staff capacity management, organization manages and change respectively management. East soft evaluate this through PCMM ML3, for the 3rd class, already defined class namely -- staff capacity management, in this one phase, the organization carries out staff capacity management and working group management according to business development strategy and target, devote oneself to to promote and arouse the competition ability of employee and working group, manage to organize the ration of ability and forecast, the integral promotion of stimulative organization capacity laid solid foundation.

In speak of when be being evaluated through SEI PCMM ML3, according to this project Chen Xianli of total harmonious person introduces, east soft the improvement that often takes manpower resources capacity seriously in ten years of Central Africa in the past, take the management personnel and the confluence that organize process management, technology management seriously, in improving the trade what top level introduces manpower resource system continuously ceaselessly. East soft begin to consider from 2001 and apply PCMM stage by stage in practice the practice of each process region, established project group formally on April 20, 2007, ministry of choice IS career carries out maturity of PCMM hand-in-hand travel in the round of 3 class evaluate, carry out more through a year, passed the assessment of SEI PCMM ML3 smoothly, this is east soft in manpower resource management and ability improve a domain to go after perfect expression ceaselessly, also be the assurance that provides manpower resource capability for the long-term development of the company. As we have learned, east soft the business course that next targets are farther union company and technical management, lay the level of SEI PCMM ML5, optimize HR government practice and system, compose builds the HR of high performance, tall maturity to run a system, realize the perfect confluence of person, process and technology.
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