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Investigation shows: of Qu of Hun of Po of creek of cable of し of sex of Gou o
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"Flu and risk of battalion of already of look forward to answer politic seminar " hold in Beijing

Investigation shows:  of Qu of Hun of Po of creek of cable of し of sex of Gou of pilfer of  flatter large bamboo hat some

Resource of famous manpower of Pausteur company and United States seeks advice from Sai Nuofei of France of combination of center of control of Beijing disease precaution company of company beauty world (Mercer Human Resources Consulting) was held in Beijing a few days ago " flu and, come from this city center of control of precaution of disease of 18 areas county and in Beijing large and medium-sized enterprise delegate adds up to 120 much people attended this second meeting. The conference aims to discuss a business under the setting that in the whole world in H5N1 avian flu many areas spread continuously, how plan through making interior ahead of schedule and strengthen employee to communicate, reduce flu of sex of wintry spring section and potential flu craze to give battalion of already of look forward to and employee health the loss that cause.

Session, world company of beauty of United States of advisory company of famous manpower resources announced the whole world its are close to 7 cities 50 large and medium-sized the investigation that enterprise flu answers consciousness and precautionary measures, the result shows, domestic company is mixed in flu risk consciousness should lag behind to measure respect the foreign country is in China investment company is close 40 percent.

This investigation by beautiful world company (Mercer) the flu with associated the greatest whole world is vaccinal country of law of enterprises Sainuofeibaside company this year 4 - will finish jointly in August. Investigation used written questionnaire knead dough the interview opposite side two kinds of methods, the manager class staff that the object runs person and government of controller force natural resources for company high level. Investigation enclothed Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Wuhan, Suzhou 30 foreign countries of 7 cities are in China investment company and 19 home company.

Investigation is main around move with enterprise flu the 3 big questions related precaution spread out: Be aimed at H5N1 avian flu and risk of potential big flu, whether has the enterprise made the flu of enterprise interior answer a plan; Whether already or the relevant knowledge that preparing to undertake to employee flu prevents grooms; Whether to undertake immune inoculate against to employee in the light of flu of sex of wintry spring section.

Result discovery, be in in 30 foreign countries that are visited China among investment company, enterprise of more than 60 % already or making flu lash-up plan, the enterprise of 75 % has used different form to groom the method has undertaken to employee flu and flu prevent relevant knowledge groom, american current electric equipment (GE) had undertaken imitate drilling in enterprise interior even; The enterprise of 32 % gave employee have an inoculation 2005 flu is vaccinal, the industry of 45 % expresses to will consider to offer flu immunity have an inoculation to employee this year.
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