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IDV international is electrical engineering: Company culture drives firm health
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City of benefit of manpower resource net on August 27, 2008 dispatch- - it is with own innovation oriented, professional development and the IDV international electrician that sell switch electrical outlet (Http:// , since established day, build company culture the first place that put company management job, pursue culture go ahead of the rest. Come a few years, IDV international electrician showed exuberant market vigor and competition ability.

Enterprise and person are same, what kind of culture has what kind of future. Culture is the soul of the enterprise, it is deciding an enterprise to develop toward what direction. Review the business with current the most prominent whole world, those who do not have exception is the culture that created his to have vision extremely from conscious at the beginning choice, for instance Suo Ni. In the beginning of was founded 1945, what Suo Ni does above all is the guiding ideology that establishs a company and administrative principle, although today a lot of people look, this also is a strange thing.

High level of IDV international electrician thinks, the company should take the profit of oneself seriously not only, should pay close attention to the future of the company and healthy progress more. Then, in May 2005, the IDV international that just establishs is electrical engineering, at the beginning of appearing to found with the Suo Ni 60 years ago very similar one act: The company was not eager to seeking a client, at make money, the time that used a month however discusses the company culture of IDV international electrician, establish IDV international manages implementation and company viewpoint of value electrical engineeringly, make clear the development direction of IDV international electrician. Especially 2007, on the foundation of early days poineering practice, IDV international electrician formed finally to be relied on with melt into of Chinese traditional article, the company culture such as purpose of the company goal that profit grows at oneself, business, spirit of enterprise builds a system, the osmosis that makes goes in the day-to-day management job of the company, make the action directory of faculty, direct company day-to-day management is decision-making, effectively promoted health of IDV international electrician steadily development. The company is in not only held water to obtain patent of 25 countries technology in those days, in home built perfect sale network, product of IDV international electrician still sells as far as to southeast Asia and middle east area. Home a lot of mark sexes major project, like Tianjin Olympic Games advocate of Hong Kong of join of assembly room, Shenzhen western garden of CCTV of passageway, Beijing, Olympic is high-grade and villatic group waited for a project to use IDV international electrician in succession switch electrical outlet.

In the system of company culture construction in IDV international electrician, "Kindheartedness faithful filial piety " first when be written into spirit of enterprise; "Achieve China to build electric industry reputable company " the final target that becomes IDV international electrician; And " develop high grade product for the client, offer employee growing opportunity, be brave in to assume social responsibility " the business purpose that is IDV international electrician; In the meantime, "Esteem employee, cherish originality, happy job " and " the increase of the interest of employee and partner is coequal and significant " also be included a company respectively " enterprise 8 great article of creed or faith " and " enterprise 10 Dajibenfa criterion " in; The basic rule of IDV international electrician still makes clear a regulation: Pay close attention to the interest of supplier, agency, cooperate with equality of supplier, agency, seek mutually beneficial double win, change one year the supplier of above and agency, beard classics company manages committee discussion decision. To concept of afore-mentioned company culture, credo and law, culture of company of IDV international electrician builds chief to express: IDV international electrician is a local born and bred China enterprise, we should found a nation own brand, be about above all from our country nutrition is absorbed in traditional culture of thousands of years, the ground with such nicer gift is blended in go among the society, be close to common people, approach consumer. Any enterprises cannot exist isolatedly and develop, IDV international electrician is advocate kindheartedness the enterprise that faithful filial piety, group cooperates, live in what be enterprise oneself go going all out in work while, we are mixed to investor, employee, client, government even community is responsible.
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