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Short-term groom cannot foster professional 3G to groom somebody fish in trouble
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Mobile course of study is moved toward " 3G times " , 3G grooms the orgnaization is much also. Does 3G groom after all what course should learn? Of 0 start can you also learn? Is junior high school graduates or be high school graduation OK learn? Obtain employment of true meeting high pay? A many month comes, this print education supervises a hot line to receive numerous reader to groom about 3G of relevant content seek advice, for this, the reporter undertook visitting.

   Learning 3G to be not is " 3G engineer "

The reporter understands, 3G engineer is engaged in the engineer of trade of 3G communication technology namely. This position includes 3G wireless software to develop engineer, 3G division of Cheng of chemical industry of program of wireless network of engineer of quality of wireless research and development and 3G, actor. Because 3G engineer is right the quality demand of 3G talent is particularly high, so, groovy short-term groom the 3G person with ability that cannot develop a major at all, and can return only for common software process designing or process designing personnel. It is reported, as a result of soft hardware of machine of 3G technology adversary advanced development engineer is having very high demand, average company, 3G engineer must have record of formal schooling of above of undergraduate course of major of subclass of communication, report, be familiar with mobile principle and microwave communication technology, can use C or C language process designing adroitly, have rich digital circuit design or hardware to develop working experience, perhaps have CDMA, GSM or the mobile phone such as TD-SCDMA, WCDMA is soft / hardware development experience.

   I save devoid 3G major to groom orgnaization

The reporter understands in visit, I save the 3G person with ability that lacks major at present to groom orgnaization, what exist on the market is dozen of move mostly " directional education " and " high pay obtain employment " cover, ask for sudden huge profits of high specified number tuitional and not actual " contain Troy " alleged orgnaization grooms in 3G on the market " fish in troubled waters " , basically reflect for 3 big features:

It is to build situation: Use communication major namely the name of authoritative orgnaization or communication major school is put on for oneself " authoritative attestation " and " high end grooms " honor.

2 it is shrink: Groom as professional technology namely do not establish begin school starting point, curricular quality does not have safeguard. Some 3G grooms the orgnaization explains to standard of enter a school: "Want to be interested in 3G only, OK enter a school " ; The 3G major of data of abroad to be being involved necessarily technology grooms, say " it student wants to be able to know a few relevant English words only is OK that student wants to be able to know a few relevant English words only " .
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