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Center of control of city disease precaution appeals the enterprise notices to b
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Note: This draft content on September 12, 2006 " flu and risk of battalion of already of look forward to answer politic seminar "

Deng Ying of vice director of center of control of Beijing disease precaution held a few days ago " flu and risk of battalion of already of look forward to answer politic seminar " on appeal enterprise wants to take flu seriously to manage the reality that creates with employee health to the enterprise highly, want to accuse H5N1 avian flu to be chance in case, begin to make an enterprise be on guard in-housely of flu craze answer a plan, strengthen company staff flu to prevent relevant knowledge to groom. Deng Ying asks disease of each area county prevents control branch to want to be communicated actively with the enterprise at the same time, for enterprise flu precaution does good servive routine.

On September 12, center of control of Beijing disease precaution, France surpasses resource of famous manpower of Nuofeibaside and whole world to seek advice from company beauty world company combination is held in Beijing " flu and enterprise manage a risk to answer, the delegate that comes from enterprise is in Beijing and precaution of disease of 18 areas county control a branch 120 much people attended the meeting.

Session, deng Ying appeals the enterprise wants to take avian flu and flu craze seriously to manage the potential venture that form to the enterprise highly. He points out, although any time have annual of H5N1 avian flu,happen, but the epidemiology findings report that will publish June this year according to World Health Organization, the flu of popular characteristic colleague of H5N1 avian flu is very similar, come on the height basically is in centrally wintry spring two season.

Deng Ying says, although the person affects H5N1 to treat the circumstance of ill sex avian flu high to happen from time to tome, but so far, h5N1 virus basically still is in the animal, travel in birds bird especially. But he emphasizes pointing out, include H5N1 virus inside armour flu virus is very incidental mutation, once H5N1 had the capacity that travels continuously between person and person, global flu craze will be inevitable, and historical experience makes clear, the loss that flu craze causes to battalion of already of look forward to is disastrous.

Deng Ying points out, although do not have a person to be able to be forecasted the next time craze can be in flu to happen why when, also cannot conclude current H5N1 virus becomes with respect to joint performance completely to cause the next time the culprit of flu craze. But we must have made the preparation that answers at any time. The business should have been done on one hand each plan that answers flu craze and beforehand case, also cannot ignore at the same time seasonal the flu harm to the mankind. He says, once enterprise interior appears flu is popular, manage efficiency of order, labor and employee health very easily to be able to cause bigger effect normally to the enterprise. Be in especially workshop of the office, production, lab, trade the management place with the dense throng such as the hall, once flu happens, diffuse easily still to the society.
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