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Origin of Human Resources in China 3000 Strong
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As a human resources portal, there is opportunity and Peking University Guanghua School of Management, Journal of Management, University of Washington Foster School of Business with the launch a "strong China Human Resources 3000" is our luck. As a commercial entity, to engage in the coexistence of commercial value and social value of the business, especially our good fortune. "Yellow Emperor" there is this passage: Germany in those days I also, to the person in my gas can, Germany is also the living flow of thin air, so to that of the fine students of the two fine Competing that God, with God, who said that between the soul and essence And out of those that the soul, so that any animals which are the heart of your heart and memory that meaning, Yi Zhisuo keep that ambition, because of the blog and change that thinking, because thinking and much of Mu into account that, due to consider the Department of intellectual property that. Avenue, the same, in the "University" also has a similar thing: Objects to the grid and then to know, know to then Ih, Ih and then the heart is, the heart is then body repair, body repair and then Garcia, Garcia and then rule the country, the country and then rule the world level. If we carefully understood, you will find that many of today's "human resource development", are only limited to developing a "knowledge" and "investigation of things" capability, but not be traced back to "consider, think, Zhi, meaning" from the "heart , soul, spirit, and de qi "practice to stray farther. So often, our family can not homogeneous, not corporate governance, the heart can not be safe. Here, I want to read you again click the "3000 Strong" and "Origin": "We are very lucky generation, throughout the millennium, we are carrying the agricultural society to industrial society in transition. Hundred close look, we witnessed a planned economy to a market economy. Three decades, China's rise to world attention. However, how to move toward industry chain? How to "Made in China" to "Made in China"? How to better release more than a billion around the enormous energy of human resources? We often think that we and our millions of members are struggling in the "China Human Resources Development and Management," the first line, to the Chinese real strong, happy for the Chinese people work and live, what we can do more ? Wish the above, 8 years increasingly strong. " "China Human Resources 100," the first anniversary of successful operation, we work together, "100", the same well-known business schools, invite the wisdom of a caring heart who co-sponsored the formation of the "China Human Resources 3000 strong" organization to inheritance of love, inspired wisdom, I hope this organization of 100 people with the pace of tightening for the Chinese human resources development and management career development, enhance enterprise management equipment for the training of personnel, but also for the revival of Chinese culture to do that may be of little contribution. China today is our day. China's tomorrow, tomorrow is the future generations. We are adhering to the "build to share" the spirit, continue to "dissemination of human nature and moral wisdom of the glorious precipitation human management" in mind. People in love, wisdom peers! Therefore, the "3000 Strong" I hope through the spirit of love / wisdom to share, so that we can in the face-off "both beauty and ugliness," after humanity can "continue to have the spirit of benevolence," because the only way we can continue to the sun , happy in life. We can, "even if they are injured, not killed." "3000 Strong" I hope that through the spirit of benevolence wisdom to share, so that everyone in the aftermath of "dry wing or move" and "career change" was still "committed as one", because only then can we not fallen into the duckweed, mediocre life . We can, "They do not take the flowers free of Yunjuanyunshu" ... ... "3000 Strong" I hope that through the spirit of benevolence wisdom to share, let us face things rise and fall, rise and fall of the enterprise when "sign means tireless," because the only way we will be for "self" and "endless" , continue to have a another new hope! "3000 Strong" I hope that through the spirit of benevolence wisdom to share, so that everyone in the face of "joy clutch" love family friendship and all the "change" when the "stick Preface" to "great virtue" badly to be together together forward! This walk hand in hand in the hope that our common achievements of the health, happiness and success! "Fate to that" Loose snow fog setting sun, Picturesque mountains and heavy thoughts. As for this time of Yuan Yue, Education dragon forgot to do the Spring and Autumn. Thousand years of wisdom to make a word, Heaven would like to see the same people. Our wish is "willing to see people with the Heaven", but in the end, at this stage merely a "or jump in the deep" stage, everything has just begun, "3000 Strong" There are many places to be perfect, and everyone with the "Change", with "share"! Let us work together, love of the official, peer-wise!
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