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White Paper Chinas rapid development of human resources services
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State Council Information Office on the 10th release of "Human Resources in China," White said of the 20th century, 80 years, the rapid development of Chinese human resources service industry, size and level of continuous improvement. The white paper says China's human resources services and content of the increasingly diversified, from the initial recruitment services, personnel agency development to include training services, labor dispatch, employment guidance, personnel evaluation, management consulting and human Human resources outsourcing and other business, formed a relatively complete industrial chain of services. White said that in 2008, various types of national human resource services 4.9 million homes, the basic form and personnel by the public employment service agencies, private human resource services, human resource services joint venture Composed of multi-level, diversified service system of the human resources market. The white paper says China's accession to the World Trade Organization has been actively fulfill its commitments to foreign capital into the Chinese market gradually increase human resources services. In 2009, a joint venture in China from human service agencies 30 in 2003 increased to 160.
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