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White Paper based on the facts accurately describes the situation of human res
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State Council Information Office in 2010 9 月 10 日 (Friday) at 3 pm news conference, the Ministry of Human Resources Social Security Vice Minister Wang Xiaochu, Human Resources and Social Security Policy Division, spokesman Yin Chengji, China Wujiang Scientific Research Institute of Personnel introduced the "China Human Resources," White Paper on the situation and the press conference. [Human Resources and Social Security Vice Minister Wang Xiaochu] "Human Resources in China" white paper based on the facts, accurately described the situation of human resources in China, in order to ensure the accuracy and authority of the White Paper, the White Paper to ideas for the lead, with the facts speak quoted a lot of data to present accurately the true state of human resources in China, the concept and focus on the use of data internationally comparable, the text of about 130 groups of data were used, of which about 70% of the data is the first time in the form of a White Paper announced the . We all know, China is the world's most populous developing countries, contains a population of 1.3 billion is extremely rich in human resources and to develop human resources into full play the potential and value of every person, promote the comprehensive development of the country's modernization provide a strong human and intellectual support from the human resources to achieve a Major power shift of human resources, the Chinese government has always been a major issue and the relentless advance of the major cause.
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