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Zhang Xinmin: China a major issue facing the development of human resources
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November 19, the fifth "new human" Forum held in Shenzhen the third stand. The Forum theme of "strategies to enhance and change management", government officials, economists, human resource specialists and human resource directors to more than 800 people attended the meeting. Zhang Xinmin, vice president of Labor Research, the National Development and Reform Commission Zhang Yansheng, director of the Institute of Foreign Economic Relations, Cao Yuan Zheng, chief economist at BOC International Holdings Limited and other experts and scholars attended the forum and make a keynote speech. Zhang Xinmin, said the international conference on the Chinese economy, and human resources markets, has emerged. Twelfth National Economic and Social Development Five-Year Plan's proposal to promote employment and contribution to the harmonious labor relations, to raise labor share of the initial and final inclusion of the planning, which are faced with human resource development in China's major issue. To adapt to current economic development mode, before and after the enactment of the labor contract law has been developing rapidly. According to incomplete statistics and projections, the scale of the National Labor Dispatch has more than ten million, the country all kinds of labor-sending agencies, more than two thousand. In order to explore more professional and effective solution to dispatching the existing practical problems, solve dispatching industry, sustainable development, seeking to manage the direction and outline the development of innovative ways in 2010, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security decision, approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs establishment of the China Labor Association, the China Labor Association, Labor Economics and dispatch within the Professional Committee. The main task is to build a government, business scholars to send all staff communication platform of dispatching the forward-looking career development issues, the establishment of classification standards to promote corporate integrity and dispatch system, the opening of businesses and employees to send information communication platform. "New Human" Human Resources Forum is the industry's most important event in the year 2010, the Forum magazine from the new human, only the Group Human Resources Institute and easy, easy it co-sponsored Institute for Social Development, Chinese Academy of Labor and Social Security co. Forum in Shanghai, Xi'an, Shenzhen and Beijing held four, four to participants will reach more than 3,000 people. Easy Group is also at the meeting was issued "CTG China (labor and employment) Industry Employment Index report" and "easy to only Group 2010 Corporate Social Responsibility Report."
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