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Hefei Economic Development Zone: Human Resource Development to jointly plan for
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December 9, "Hefei Economic and Technological Development of Human Resources 2010 Annual" Management Committee through the open area in the opening. Outstanding from all over the medium-sized business executives, school representatives and domestic famous experts and scholars of human resources of more than 200 people gathered Zone, jointly review, inventory and human resources development zone outlook. The annual meeting of "the development of enterprises and employees harmony - together to create economic development zone 'introduced, employing people, keep people, educating people' in the new environment of human resources" as the theme, which relates to the government's public sector, business, schools, organizations, and other aspects of human resources human resources services and human resources environment, the participants for the Development of the current economic and social development situation and make the appropriate Human Resources Development case studies and discussion. Through the open area of human resources and social security department also hopes to build on it so through efficient information exchange platform, communication and dialogue mechanism and long-term interaction network, explore new human resources development of the industry's new direction and new opportunities. This year, through the open area thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, focus on "structural adjustment, on the level of economic growth, ensuring our people and stability", strengthen confidence, rose to the challenge, innovation, solid work, to help enterprises to address the financial crisis, urging stable and rapid economic growth, and yielded results. According to the relevant department introduced through the open area, the region in 2010 will reach 107 billion yuan of industrial output, GDP340 billion, accounting for 29% of the proportion of the city and 15%. Learned that the Human Resources Development Human Resources Annual Survey by the report, school-enterprise cooperation and the signing ceremony of presentation papers on the theme, the theme of regional human resource development strategy forum for business success remain live by the four major theme of discussion and Experts plate composition. By holding a series of activities and a wealth of information transfer, thus creating high-quality human resources and the environment, both supply and demand for all types of human interaction to build high-quality platform. Through the open area by the Personnel and Labor Council and the Human Resource Service Centre jointly organized by the Human Resources annual meeting, held once every year, this year is the fifth, and to build a human resources practitioners and organizational leaders together to learn advanced human resources management knowledge, sharing of human resources management experience and enhance the level of human resources management, thus contributing to sustainable development organizations, the fixed platform.
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