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Ting-science research to guide the work of Human Resources and Social Security
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December 16, learned Fenggang County Council Chairman Ting-county human resources and Social Security Bureau research guidance. Ting-learning community in the County Board, accompanied by the person in charge, came to the human resources market, social security comprehensive service hall, see about the operation of the service window, and a cordial conversation with the staff. At the forum, which is responsible for listening to the progress of people facing problems and plan the next step of the report, Ting-learning that the institutional reform, the county Human Resources and Social Security Bureau carried out various tasks in an orderly manner, whether in Personnel work or employment and social security work, are doing is in place, has made gratifying achievements. Effectively perform my duties in this sector, on the one hand for the cadres and workers, employment, poor people, migrant workers return home and do practical things, on the other hand the government share those concerns. Employment, especially for a large number of special funds, and actively and steadily developing public service jobs, to ease the pressure on employment for people in employment, maintaining social stability have made a great contribution. Ting-learning requirements in the next step, we should increase to the introduction and training efforts, and effectively carry out various employment training, focus on strengthening and migrant workers in rural practical technology skills training, so that people truly learn, enjoy the benefits of agricultural policies. To increase the labor security supervision and law enforcement, and strengthen labor rights, protection of migrant workers rights, safeguarding social stability. To increase the social security policy of the publicity to raise the masses of the "five risk" understanding, good Kuomiangongzuo. At the same time strengthen the Fund's management to ensure the safety of the funds.
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