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Should look forward to of special audit center is in charge of firewood fulfil h
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Average salary fulfil is central company controller before the duty of the first lieutenancy: 2004 350 thousand yuan, 2005 430 thousand yuan, 2006 478 thousand yuan. Country of the State Council endowment appoint express at the same time on the press conference that be in harmony of director Li Rong was in center of news of 2008 Beijing international to hold recently, the firewood fulfil of central company controller is proper, shrinking stage by stage with the difference of worker income school such firewood proposes a toast after all " proper " , author proposal, national audit office is in charge of firewood fulfil high to center look forward to to have special audit, in order to ensure superintendence of know the inside story.

How much is the firewood fulfil that is controller of audit center look forward to after all, still the public understands. In the bank annual report that publishs publicly, yearly salary of president of some commercial bank is 22.85 million yuan (his yearly salary was returned last year is only 9.95 million yuan) , the tall canal of the other commercial bank that count the home also at every turn millions yuan. The income before duty achieved restful president Ma Mingzhe 2007 66.16 million yuan, although include annual all holiday inside, his day firewood also exceeded one hundred and eighty-one thousand two hundred yuan. And 2006 Ma Mingzhe's yearly salary is 13.38 million yuan. China shared firewood of the year before last year of 7 people tax to exceed ten million last year in safety, among them 3 people exceed 40 million, day of foal of home of bridge of standing vise general manager all 130 thousand yuan, namely the gross income before 48.13 million yuan duty. The market newspaper with subordinate People's Daily also reports publicly, china is magical last year China yearly salary of 16 tall canals 24.04 million yuan, average everybody is one million five hundred and two thousand five hundred yuan.

2 be audit how many does controller of center look forward to still have invisible reach welfare income? Stock period authority is to appear on the market a right that the company gives an enterprise tall canal, they can be inside proper time the common stock that buys a company with conventional price. Specific and character, assume some company gives its general manager 1 million period right, by a definite date 3 years, conventional price is 10 yuan / , so, if go,this company share price is 30 yuan when authority / , this general manager can gain profit 20 million yuan. Occupy additionally " southern on the weekend " report, the project assistant of company of iron of a large section says frankly: Besides annual outside the salary of nearly 200 thousand and bonus, he still can be obtained annual employee check-up cost, year travel expenses, go vacationing in what company place belongs to the village is hit fold each welfare such as consumption. Controller of center look forward to enjoyed how much invisible welfare treatment again, be afraid also is a not small amount.
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