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Who decides your wage income amount
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Plan / photography of this print journalist Zhang Zhifeng, Song Huimin / Liu Hong

What decided your real wages standard?

-- oneself? That won't be put in the so many sound that complain and wrong move, indecipherable also why the wage growth rate of most person lags behind at house price to rise far speed.

-- boss? Most boss both neither is philanthropist also not be miser, if a person can decide the boss at will your salary, is it possible that are you his kin?

-- enterprise? Hook up the firewood of city company manager proposes a toast with company profit disproportionate, is the young worker that don't you still take even family odd this also counted on share an enterprise to grow truly?

-- country? National rich may not is equal to civilian rich, the difference that compares range of foreign exchange reserve, taxation and individual income growth understands this reason.

Look, this thing holds out salary very complex, sensitive also, true bad in the final analysis is the salary that what decided you. Lead income of sex of tall look forward to, belongings in inflation especially short-term inside below the situation that faces great uncertainty, people had taller expectation to firewood fulfil. Think topic of recent a few heat: Boat pilot returns to base east firewood of officeholder attune of incident, Shanghai, appear on the market the day price fuel that the company provides high proposes a toast exposure is waited a moment, will " firewood proposes a toast " the where the wind and the waves are highest that these two words introduced to public opinion. And on the net from beginning to end high fever does not retreat " bask in salary " phenomenon, also reflected the curiosity of people and worry.

So, this matter must say pay well really. Because price is higher and higher, and the Gao Shuiping that money gives birth to the speed of money to be afraid before be being maintained very hard two years, people discovery raises wage income to remain strategy of the dovishest conduct financial transactions. More the crucial period that adjusts at fulfil of a firewood really now what is more,the rather that, you should try to strive for your interest actively, in trying hard to propose a toast in social firewood of future the structure changes through oneself, hold active.

So, one the individual's salary after all the element is decided by what, do oneself have how old active right again? We cannot give out the answer of a standard, might as well look first beside wage changes of the person and life place, experience therein flavor.

Wang Yamin, not of be puzzled year, company of subordinate of Ceng Zaizhong oil works, hold the position of a chief engineer, freewill in November 1999 application and in oil is paid remove labor contract, with the person collaboration established in April 2000 technology of source of profit of the division in Beijing expands limited company, hold the position of general manager. Serve as once state-owend enterprise controller, the Wang Yamin that go into business is in business now is right the experience that the wage changes that has a job 30 years is having profundity.
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