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The firewood reward system of TNT postal group
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One, the firewood fulfil of TNT postal group establishs a principle

TNT postal group makes firewood propose a toast the principle of policy is: Attract and the staff with the most first-class tarry; Help enterprise implementation develops a target; Offer competitive firewood reward; Firewood fulfil and individual performance link up with.

   2, the firewood fulfil policy of TNT postal group

The firewood reward that TNT postal group pays to employee should reach the moderate level of local labor market, that is to say, offer same firewood reward with the competitor. To administrator, want to pay higher salary reward, in order to make sure the administrator of TNT is the most outstanding in the market, the firm TNT competition in the market position, make its get developing in Europe and even whole world.

TNT postal group makes a respect basically use the service of Hay company in firewood fulfil. Hay company is the advisory company with a well-known international, often provide the information of respect of fulfil of fuel of company of other of course of study of person of the same trade for TNT postal group. Additional, this area still has a very well-known advisory company -- Mercer. The industry firewood that TNT can announce with these two companies proposes a toast the level undertakes comparative. To blue collar employee, TNT postal group has relative competitor is Germany postal. Germany is very postal competitive, and provide regular subsidy, because this TNT is postal,the group hopes to know the firewood fulfil level with postal Germany very much. To middle-level administrator, TNT postal group should understand housing card company, combination the firewood fulfil level of the company middle-level administrator such as benefit China.

Undertaking comparative with the competitor is not TNT the only way that postal group establishs firewood fulfil standard and fiducial. TNT postal group lends the management of personnel of this education high level ability even, why does understanding employee resign, why to leave, stuff of ceaseless investigation is right the satisfactory rate of the group. Generally speaking, all to the whole world employee undertakes biennially of TNT postal group investigate, understanding employee is satisfactory to his firewood fulfil. Findings is: The firewood reward that most employee offers to TNT postal group is more satisfactory.

   3, the firewood fulfil of TNT postal group allocates mode

1. TNT postal group allocates mode in Dutch firewood fulfil

As a result of postal it is labor concentrated model industry, TNT postal group is about in fulfil of Dutch total firewood annual 1.2 billion euro, 70% what hold company totle drilling cost. Among them, blue collar and in the post of high-level administrator differentiates in all for 13 level (see a picture 1) . The firewood of these level correspondence proposes a toast the agreement is made according to collective labor agreement. If have any changing, TNT postal group should undertake negotiation with employee and labour union, negotiation.
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