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7 gist element decides your pay discretion
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"Your salary is not HR decision. " on a seminar that organizes in go-between net last week, the speech of manpower resource expert let a lot of duty field new personality generate doubt: "Is pay talking with HR when am then I applied for at the outset to talk in vain? " in fact, although more and more companies changed human affairs department manpower resource department now, installed firewood fulfil director again one duty, but the pay of employee also is not HR pats a head to be able to decide, it is affected by more and more elements. Accordingly, how does the pay that understands oneself determine, doing good profession career to plan to duty field new personality is very good reference.

Post evaluation is different from post analysis

Duty field new personality is opposite normally " post is evaluated " existence misunderstanding, think post evaluation is to use understanding post to install the whether reasonable, concept that should choose what kind of person to work to a such post. But the fact is not such, post is evaluated (Jobevaluation) is actual it is a company a kind of method that decides in-house firewood fulfil runs a system. It is not for invite applications for a job and of set, exacter definition is: Use consistent, fair method, basis post is contributed to constituent whole, determine the relative value of post, the in-house and fair sex that so that achieve firewood reward,runs a system and exterior competition ability. The understanding that new personality of field of a lot of duty evaluates to post is realistic should be " post is analysed " (Jobanalysis) , namely post manual, this ability is the concept that concerns with invite applications for a job.

7 gist element decides pay discretion

According to the firewood before headquarters of resource of labor power of bright dispatch group fulfil manager Zhang Shouchun introduces, more and more companies use the means that post evaluates to adjust firewood fulfil level now. But no matter be to consult a company please,do, or manpower resource him ministry makes this evaluation, chooses evaluation element and the member that assess a group agree basically.

Position evaluates a system to include 7 essential factor normally: The influence to the enterprise, hold a post qualification, extent of liability, solve problem difficulty, supervisory management, communication skill, ambient conditions. These element great majority and individual quality are done not have how old relation, involve individual ability only " hold a post qualification " and " communication skill " two, also occupy only in all 24% . Accordingly, it is important to decide a post is in a company, what perhaps say the pay on any account that decides you is additionally 5 content, and the post that those who evaluate these 5 content is organization of manpower resource ministry evaluates a group. This member that assesses a group includes HR, financial, company commonly deputy always and fiducial branch manager (it is the branch with company most staff commonly) and be in charge of by evaluation department. The station that these people want to use the time ability with two longer even months to become good company is evaluated, take out the plan that firewood proposes a toast the system is adjusted, bring into so called " post class pursues " . Post level figure includes a piece of list the wage of all company station according to grade in, can ground of be clear at a glance knows a certain post (a certain person) salary how many, how many does future still have go up firewood space.
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