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The firewood that how decides new employee proposes a toast?
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When undertaking firewood fulfil manages, should combine an enterprise to be in each post characteristic considers employee firewood respond with a poem evenly, join the staff of duty newly especially.

   1, the standard of the firewood since new employee

▲ inspects the following elements:

The maintenance of A, employee, if firewood proposes a toast can not let employee maintain basic normal life, employee can be met surely plan an outlet additionally;

The B, market level that is the same as an industry with the area, if a firewood of the enterprise the coequal level under other company, can increase the difficulty of invite applications for a job;

The real work ability of C, new employee is very important also, on the foundation of before satisfying two conditions, should as far as possible the old stuff of as coequal as the company ability keeps balance, considering the difference of working fixed number of year, can compare old stuff a few lower.

▲ a firewood of 3 kinds of employee is affirmatory:

A, it is average function department employee, for instance administrative article member, human affairs assistant is waited a moment;

B, it is the professional technology personnel that enterprise blame is badly in need of, include personnel of advanced and professional technology;

C, this year's three-year institution of higher learning or above learn the graduate of all previous.

▲ the firewood fulfil policy of the enterprise can determine the basis having salary of these 3 kinds of employee. Stronger to ability staff, can consult to comparative with its ability currently the firewood fulfil of employee is affirmatory. Lv of a lot of enterprise unified exam serve as necessary complement with post skill salary, enter office to the graduate of three-year institution of higher learning or above record of formal schooling at the same time, also offer corresponding " grade of record of formal schooling " wage allowance means.

   2, in the problem of standard having salary to be badly in need of post

Because some enterprise needs to implement a project, the enterprise is badly in need of invite applications for a job two technologies personnel. According to normal level having salary, this enterprise had found to suit, and another cannot be enrolled tardy. If have at this moment an applicant and in front the close of each respect ability of that technology personnel, but remove firewood to beg tower above 50% above. Whether does this company agree requirement of applicant having salary?

▲ analyses accordingly:

A, if promised requirement having salary, will naturally let other employee produce dissatisfaction. Although a lot of enterprises executed firewood,fulfil keeps secret system, but can not encase forever in paper fire. If this kind of style forms a force, the method of final compromise may be the firewood fulfil level that raises corresponding employee.
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